Black sneakers men’s ranking


Black sneakers men's ranking

Black sneakers boast a high level of versatility that makes them easy to match along with white sneakers. Since black variations are usually available no matter which brand or model you choose, there are probably not many people who are at a loss. This time, we will focus on black sneakers, and introduce the black sneakers recommended by the OTOKOMAE editorial department in ranking form, based on the latest models that are rapidly growing in popularity, interviews with leading stores, and street snapshots from around the world, as well as the standard favorites!

No. 1 “CONVRERSE All Star HI

When it comes to sneakers, this is the one! It is no exaggeration to say that the Converse All Star is a super-royal model that everyone knows. The black sneaker is no exception, and even today, when all kinds of models are born one after another, it is a pair that boasts unshakable popularity. The simple design matches a wide range of styles, and the price is affordable, so if you have any doubts, there is no harm in buying a pair for now.

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コンバース オールスター コーデ特集!王道スニーカーを使ったメンズの着こなしとオススメのモデルを紹介
Converse's iconic "ALL STAR" is the masterpiece of low-toe sneakers. The shoe has had a huge influence on pop culture an...

Speaking of All Star, here’s something else to look out for! ” CONVERSE Chuck Taylor CT70.

The CT70 is a vintage model that reissues details of Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor sold in the 1960s and 1970s. It is also popular in Japan for its comfortableness thanks to the toe pad and thick insole, as well as the indescribable atmosphere of the glossy midsole with a slight yellowish tinge. However, since they are not officially sold in Japan, those who are considering purchasing them should try to get them through overseas e-commerce sites.

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コンバース「チャックテイラー CT70」の現行オールスターとは違う7つの魅力とは?
The Converse All Star is a major sneaker staple. If you are looking for a style that is subtly different from the others...

No. 2 “Vans Old Skool

Vans’ Old Skool is another well-known classic sneaker. The black color in particular boasts deep-rooted popularity, and at every Pitti Uomo, more than a certain number of fashionable people wearing black Old Skools can always be seen. It is also nicknamed “Jazz” because of the iconic jazz stripe on the side panel.

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No. 3 ” NIKE (Nike) React Element “.

Nike’s React Element appeared like a comet in June 2018 and instantly grabbed the hearts of sneakerheads with its futuristic design. The design is based on Nike’s classic Internationalist and Zoom Fly SP, and Nike’s unique DNA is everywhere. The React Element 87 has a skeleton upper, while the React Element 55 has a nylon mesh upper.

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