What are the key points for adults to wear military jackets well? Introducing men’s coordination examples and recommended items!


What are the key points for adults to wear military jackets well? Introducing men's coordination examples and recommended items!

Military jackets are overwhelmingly favored by mature men as outerwear that accentuates their masculinity. There are many models of military jackets, such as the “MA-1,” “M-65,” and “N-3B,” and there is a wide range of choices, from authentic vintage and surplus military jackets to stylish modernized high brand and street brand items. In this issue, we focus on the ” military jacket ” and introduce the key points of dressing, the latest international men’s coordinates for reference, and recommended items!

Military jackets should be worn beautifully while avoiding a dowdy look

Military wear has had a great influence on men’s fashion and is now widely adopted as a town-use item. Among them, trench coats, mod coats, P coats, and MA-1s are styled very naturally without being conscious of their military origins. However, some military jackets, such as olive green, khaki, and camouflage field jackets, are popular with vintage and other authentic military items, and it is essential to use techniques to strengthen their persuasive power as everyday wear when wearing them in town. Of course, there are commercial models arranged for the civilian market and military jackets arranged in the mode of maison brands, but in general, it is advisable to combine them with clean white items and beautiful items to create a sophisticated atmosphere and blend them into your styling.

Dressing Point (1): “Use white pants with excellent neutralizing power to suppress the boldness or boorishness of the jacket.

To control the ruggedness and roughness of olive green and khaki military jackets, it is effective to wear white pants that have a strong neutralizing power. Pairing with white pants, which offer the most striking contrast, will add a sense of cleanliness to the coordinate, and will also remove the military jacket’s blandness and strengthen its persuasive power as real clothes (everyday wear).

Dressing point (2): “Combine with slacks or chinos to create a beautiful impression.

Slacks or chinos with a center crease are a good way to emphasize a mature look and give the coordination a beautiful impression. Of course, they are also effective for styling military jackets, giving both masculinity and sophistication, while also giving a calm and mature look to the coordination and making it look beautiful.

Dressing Point 3: “If you want to emphasize the ruggedness of the military jacket, khaki military jackets are the right choice.

If you want to emphasize the ruggedness and masculinity inherent in military jackets, olive green or khaki is the right choice. Most authentic military jackets are usually olive green, khaki, or camouflage, giving them a rugged military look. On the other hand, modern military jackets from high-brand and street brands can be worn stylishly today, as military details such as epaulettes are eliminated and the silhouette is shaped into a sophisticated form.

Take a quick look at international street snaps of military jackets! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

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