The golden ratio of ON/OFF is 7 to 3! The newest addition to that famous slacks lineup with five new charms!


The golden ratio of ON/OFF is 7 to 3! The newest addition to that famous slacks lineup with five new charms!

The beautiful silhouette of these slacks with a modern appeal is now available in a new model. Introducing the five charms that will make adults fall in love with them, along with the latest coordinates!

The new “Libra Milano” is a little dressed up version of the gem of on/off slacks!

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ standard on/off slacks, “Libra,” have gained deep-rooted popularity for their silhouette with a three-dimensional feel, which was corrected many times during the development stage so that the center crease would not collapse even when worn by multiple models of different heights and leg shapes. While following the silhouette of such a masterpiece, the new “Libra Milano” has been released with a slightly more dressy taste in the ON/OFF ratio. By adding an arrangement that gives a sense of sexiness, like the slacks of an Italian classic brand, the new “Libra Milano” has a different appeal to adults who are more sophisticated and sophisticated than the previous “Libra”.

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The charm of Libra Milano (1) “The process of “kink-tori” is incorporated to correct the silhouette for a more dressy look!

The “kuzutori” is an ironing process used to prepare fabrics for full-order suits and the like. This process creates a three-dimensional bulge in the flat fabric, giving the slacks a dressy silhouette that wraps the legs more beautifully. Since this process requires a great deal of time and labor and does not produce an extreme difference in silhouette, it is omitted from most ready-to-wear and easy-order clothing today. Libra Milano” incorporates a part of such a “kuzutori” process. The most notable part is the crotch. The silhouette is formed by “kyutori”, which produces a dress slacks-like silhouette that falls smoothly to the hem with little leeway.

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Libra Milano’s Appeal (2) “Permanent press processing” that keeps the center crease in place, making it easy to use on a daily basis!

The center crease, which accentuates the smart silhouette, has a “permanent press process” that gives it pleat retention through heat treatment, another high point. The center crease is kept in place, so you can save yourself the trouble of ironing every time you wear the garment.

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Libra Milano’s Appeal (3) “Fine-tuned to a ratio of 70% dress and 30% casual with exquisite detail changes!

A closer look at the “Libra” and the “Libra Milano” will reveal that the details have been casually changed to different specifications. The “Libra” has a belt on the back with reinforced stitching throughout and a metal zipper that adds a moderate sporty touch, achieving a good balance between on and off-duty use. In contrast, the “Libra Milano” has a minimalist look with a belt switch and as little stitching as possible visible on the surface. In addition, the silhouette and pocket layout have been reconfigured in millimeter increments to enhance the dressiness of the garment. The exquisite tuning of the new “Libra Milano” will surely make a convincing “difference” to both “Libra” owners and those who prefer dress slacks.

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Libra’s signature one pleat and sporty drawcord remain!

The details around the waist, which can be said to be the face of the pants, faithfully follow the specifications of ” Libra. The outward pleats add a moderate classic feel, while the inner drawcord adds a moderate sporty touch. Adjusting the fit of the waist with the drawcord can also eliminate any size discrepancies, which is also a nice touch.

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Libra Milano’s Attractiveness 4: “Not too dressy, so it can be used casually!

Although dressed up, the base model is still the conventional ” Libra. Therefore, it can be easily styled with a casual hoodie, T-shirt, and sneakers. The modern dress-mix style of a hoodie and slacks is also a perfect match. If you combine them with tone-on-tone, you can achieve a more urban and precise mix-and-match coordination.

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Hybrid wool/poly micro-stretch fabric for easy on and off! Can be used all year round!

The “Libra Milano” is made of a wool-polyester hybrid fabric with a slight stretch. It also has an elegant texture with a modest sheen typical of dress slacks. The fabric is neither too thick nor too thin, making it suitable for all seasons.

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Libra Milano’s Attraction #5: “Available in three authentic colors essential for dress slacks!

Three authentic business-friendly colors are available: “navy,” “dark gray,” and “black. While incorporating the specifications of authentic dress slacks, such as the “kuzutori,” they are priced at only 18,000 yen (tax included), which is a very reasonable price.

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