Gray Shirt Codes – Men’s Special! Men’s outfits & items with urban elegance!


Gray Shirt Codes - Men's Special! Men's outfits & items with urban elegance!

Although it is a standard color for both dress and casual shirts, gray is a slightly different color when it comes to shirts. Gray shirts are excellent for adding an “urban impression” and a “calm and mature impression” that white and blue shirts do not have. Men should definitely consider wearing gray shirts without shying away from them. In this issue, we will introduce the coordination using gray shirts and recommended gray shirts!

White is the classic way to incorporate gray shirts into men’s outfits

When incorporating a gray shirt into a casual coordinate during the spring and summer seasons, it is standard to actively incorporate white items such as white pants. A band-collar gray shirt made of linen will give you a cool and urban look with no hint of ostentation.


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A watch that goes well with the gray shirt men’s coordinate, and silver accessories!

If you choose a gray shirt as the star of your casual outfit, be sure to choose a silver bracelet or watch in a similar color for your hand. By wearing brown pants in the latest earth tones, you will surely look chic, sophisticated, and urban.


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A gray shirt with a checkered pattern that doesn’t make you look dowdy and has great versatility!

Although a staple, checkered shirts tend to look dowdy depending on how they are worn. With a gray base, there is no doubt that such a plaid shirt will look less dowdy due to the urban impression of the color. If you wear a gray and white plaid shirt like the gentleman below, you can match it with white jeans, gray slacks, or black shorts.


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