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Collection of men’s classic gray jacket coordinates! Tips on how to wear it & recommended models!


Collection of men's classic gray jacket coordinates! Tips on how to wear it & recommended models!

Along with black and navy, gray jackets are a standard jacket color, and create an elegant, intelligent, and sophisticated atmosphere. It is a versatile item that can be worn both on and off the job, from business scenes to casual jackets, as it is highly coordinated with other colors and blends easily with items of any color. In this issue, we focus on the “gray jacket” and introduce the key points of how to wear it, men’s coordinates from overseas that can be used as a reference, and recommended items from popular brands!

A reliable item to have in your closet

The gray jacket is a colorless color that falls between black and white and has infinite brightness. Gray jackets, which are achromatic and have infinite lightness, are available in a wide range of shades from light gray to dark gray and charcoal gray, and can create various looks depending on the choice of tone. And since all grays are achromatic and of intermediate lightness, it is no exaggeration to say that there is no color that cannot be matched with any item of any color. Another feature of gray jackets is that they are less formal than black or white, which are also achromatic colors. This is also a good choice for those who want to look intelligent and serious, but do not want to appear too stoic or racy.

Frank Sinatra
PHOTO BY Ted Allan

Tips for wearing a gray jacket (1)The first thing to keep in mind! A light-toned gray jacket is pulled together with dark-colored slacks.

One technique for wearing a gray jacket sharply is to match it with bottoms that are darker in tone than the gray jacket. The first thing to keep in mind is to match darker tone bottoms with the gray jacket to give it a sharp look. As shown in this snapshot, even if the jacket is gray on top and bottom, a stylish coordination can be completed without giving a monotonous impression by simply using different tones.

Key Points for Wearing a Gray Jacket (2)Differentiate your coordinate with a gray jacket that has a distinctive pattern or texture

Because gray jackets are a standard color along with black and navy blue and are the most versatile, choose an item that has a distinctive pattern or texture. Therefore, it is important to differentiate your coordinate by choosing items with distinctive patterns and textures. Chuck patterns, stripes, tweed jackets and herringbone jackets with expressive fabrics can be used to differentiate them and enhance the coordination of gray jackets with a smart and fashionable look. When coordinating a patterned gray jacket with a shirt and tie, it is best to use a subtractive approach by keeping the shirts and ties as plain as possible to maintain a sophisticated adult look.

Michael Caine
PHOTO BY Loomis Dean

Key points for wearing a gray jacket (3)Master the navy & gray color combination that brings an intelligent look to your coordination

A color scheme for jackets that works well in business situations is “navy & gray Navy & Gray”. This color scheme, reminiscent of the classic “navy jacket and gray pants” style, can also be applied to gray jackets. By wearing navy as an innerwear and bottoms with a gray jacket, you can create a classy and intelligent jacketed look. In the Domenico Gianfrarte coordinate picked up here, the casual styling with a shirt jacket as a mid-layer and a turtleneck knit is unified with “navy and gray” tones. The result is an adult outfit that has a rough atmosphere, yet does not forget elegance.

See the international street snapshots of gray jackets at a glance! Find your ideal men’s coordinate!

If you want to see more gray jackets for men, check out the “OTOKOMAE Snap Page”!

The gray jacket outfits we picked up this time and other snapshots are now available on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page. By using the hashtag function, you can check all the snaps focusing on a single item at once. If you register as a member, you can save your favorite snaps and articles.

To see more men's gray jacket outfits, check out the "OTOKOMAE Snap Page!

See how to wear a gray jacket on the OTOKOMAE Snap Page

Recommended gray jackets!

Finally, the OTOKOMAE editorial department introduces “gray tailored jackets” that we recommend to our readers, based on information obtained from interviews at hot brand exhibitions and leading select stores, and from fixed-point observations in major fashion cities!

Recommended Gray Jackets (1) LARDINI “Knit Jacket

LARDINI’s “Knit Jacket” has a relaxed, knit feel, but has a tailored look reminiscent of a tailored jacket. The tightness of this jacket, which is less than a tailored jacket and more than a cardigan, will be suitable for a wide range of outfits, from office casual to off-duty styles.

For details and purchase, click here.

Recommended gray jacket②TAGLIATORE “MONTECARLO

MONTECARLO” is a signature model of the Ancon jacket that eliminates interlining of the shoulder to the utmost limit developed by “TAGLIATORE,” a prestigious Italian classic that pursues the chic and glamour of a dapper man. It is characterized by the high lapel at the gauze (the connection between the upper and lower collars) position, the balcka pockets that draw a gentle line along the chest, and the dignified side vents, and is finished with a mood that is typical of Italian brand jackets.

For details and purchase, click here.

Recommended gray jacket (3) BOGLIOLI “K-JACKET

BOGLIOLI’s iconic “K-JACKET” model, based on the concept of “classic and modern,” is a masterpiece that has revolutionized the history of dress clothing by making full use of garment dyeing, a technique in which the jacket is dyed after it is tailored.

For details and purchase, click here.

Recommended gray jacket (4) CIRCOLO 1901 “Jersey Jacket

CIRCOLO 1901’s set-up jacket is made of lightweight and thin summer jersey, perfect for spring and summer. The white and gray contrasting stripe print gives the jacket a sophisticated, sophisticated look, and it is finished with a moderately cool and presentable feel.

For details and purchase, click here.

Recommended Gray Jacket ⑥ THOM BROWNE “4-BAR Jacket

The luxurious and iconic gray jacket is the THOM BROWNE 4-BAR Jacket. The iconic four stripes on the left arm and the jacket’s compact size, which gives it an instantly recognizable presence, are distinctive features.

For details and purchase, click here.

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