Black Suit Codes Special! Men’s suit styles with chic outfits & items!


Black Suit Codes Special! Men's suit styles with chic outfits & items!

When one hears the word “black suit,” many people may reflexively think of formal wear. But did you know that it is now attracting attention as a business suit and a fashion item? It is no exaggeration to say that you can’t go wrong with one of these suits, with its ability to be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the items you choose to match it with. It is not too much to say that the black suit is gradually gaining recognition even in the Italian classicism circles where the black suit was not so popular. This time, we focus on such “black suits,” and introduce the most noteworthy coordinates and outfits!

Mr. Nishiguchi’s Black Suit Codes Cleverly Mixes an American Taste

Mr. Nishiguchi, who is the director of BEAMS F, matched the black suit with a cleric shirt in a color scheme reminiscent of American traditional clothing and a regimental tie. While the combination tends to look somewhat old-fashioned, he adds a modern touch by wearing the suit without a belt and with Bergeron shoes to create a sense of comfort. If you want to wear a black suit with a difference from others, why not take a look at this stylish styling?

Mr. Pino Lelario’s Black Suit Coordinate that maximizes sex appeal and presence

We caught Mr. Pino Lelario, owner and designer of Tagliatore, strutting around in a black suit with a wide-pitch stripe pattern. His sexy, open-chested look is noteworthy, but the most striking feature is the peaked lapel jacket that almost reaches his shoulders. While it has a powerful appearance, it is tailored in a sexy way with a nipped-in waistline, creating a mature, masculine look. If you are considering a black suit, why not add TAGLIATORE to your list?

A black suit with narrow lapel for a smart look

The lapel is an important factor that influences the overall impression, so much so that it is said to be the “face of the jacket. There are a wide variety of lapels, and the width and depth of the lapel can change the impression of the jacket. The stylish look of this man’s suit, combined with the tight black suit, gives him an even sleeker appearance.

Introducing our recommended black suits! 1) “TAGLIATORE Stripe Pattern Black Suit

Italian tailor brand “TAGLIATORE”, which has gained immense popularity by developing collections that catch the trend well, offers black suits with double chalk stripes that give a bold impression. The classic mood is enhanced by the large lapel and the sexy waistline with a drop, which will surely elevate your outfit.

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