OTOKOMAE specially orders “new specialty slacks” to add polish to men’s outfits!


OTOKOMAE specially orders "new specialty slacks" to add polish to men's outfits!

In reaction to the unprecedented street fashion boom, keywords such as “city boy,” “beautiful,” and “modern classic,” which refer to coordination with a sense of elegance, are attracting attention. The shortcut to achieving such a refined coordination is to mix and match dress items, and while there are various types of dress items, there is no other item that is more versatile and can tighten any coordination into a sophisticated, urban impression than “slacks. Slacks” are the only other type of dress items that are highly versatile and can tighten any coordinated outfit with a sophisticated urban look. For example, a pair of these versatile slacks can not only be a stable choice when you are not sure about coordination, but can also be expected to play an active role as a partner on special occasions, and you can rest assured that you have a pair of these slacks.

New slacks that elevate GP’s classic model to a bit of luxury, for real!

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS” is gaining popularity for its high-quality T-shirts and slacks made of carefully selected materials and specifications. LIBRA” is known as the brand’s standard slacks for on/off use, and the model introduced here is a more luxurious version of the standard product. The dressy silhouette is refined by applying ironing work that requires advanced tailoring techniques, and the 100% Super 110’S wool fabric planned, developed, and manufactured in Japan is used. The “LIBRA MILANO SUPERIOR” was completed by incorporating such special elements in both tailoring and fabric.

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The reason why these slacks will double the charm of your coordinate is because of the multiplication of “fabric” and “tailoring”!

The 100% wool gabardine fabric is made without any compromise in thickness, density, drape, and surface finish that can be used all year round!

LIBRA MILANO SUPERIOR uses 100% Super 110’S wool fabric, which was planned, developed, and manufactured in Japan under the theme of “a wool pants material with both a rich texture and everyday use. The fabric is made of 100% Super 110’S wool, planned, developed, and manufactured in Japan. The fabric is made not only from Super 110’S, a fine raw material, but also from the ideals of the creator, which are incorporated throughout the entire process from the yarn to the fabric. The fabric is made from a gabardine weave of fine No. 80 count yarn, which is densely woven into a lustrous gabardine weave,” “deep color and luster created by highly dyed yarn,” “wrinkle resistance and drape by calculated beating,” and “smooth surface texture by special finishing. The beautiful silhouette of the slacks stands out thanks to the wool fabric created without any compromise. The moderate thickness of the material allows it to be used year-round, so it can be incorporated into all kinds of outfits regardless of the season, from a light T-shirt coordinate to a heavy coat style.

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” Ironwork and lining for precision in a calculated tapered silhouette!

The greatest feature of the LIBRA standard slacks is the beautiful silhouette, which was completed after repeated sample examinations during the development stage. The LIBRA MILANO SUPERIOR features a beautiful silhouette that has been further enhanced with advanced ironing work and a lining that eliminates leg snagging. The just-length hemming is also a nice feature that saves you the trouble of hemming.

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These new famous slacks have been specially ordered by OTOKOMAE in a more user-friendly and urban look “Charcoal”!

LIBRA MILANO SUPERIOR is available in four basic colors: black, navy, light gray, and gray. In addition to such a lineup, charcoal is newly released this time as a special OTOKOMAE special order color. The exquisite gray, which is as close to black as possible, will surely demonstrate its potential to be worn with all kinds of colorful items while keeping your outfits stoic and tight. As shown below, a charcoal knit T-shirt can be worn with it to create a more sophisticated look that is different from the all-black look.

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To celebrate the release of the special-order model, we are offering a coupon exclusively for OTOKOMAE readers of this article. The coupon code is ” OTOKOMAE007,” and it will be valid until Sunday, May 22, at 23:59.

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