How to do a roll-up ” Cowboys used to use it as an ashtray! The “double turn-up” as we know it.”


How to do a roll-up " Cowboys used to use it as an ashtray! The "double turn-up" as we know it."

A classic technique that can easily change the look of pants is to roll them up. Rolling them up in an orthodox manner is fine, but if you have a different way of doing it to create a more sophisticated look, you will surely be able to expand the range of your outfits. This time, we will show you how to do the “double turn-up,” a technique that even cowboys used to use, with explanations in the form of videos!

Originated from cowboys storing cigarette butts! How to do a cozy roll-up ” Double Turn-Up

The roll-up method introduced in this article is the “double turn-up,” which has a sophisticated look that only those in the know can appreciate. The double turn-up is a double roll-up, which goes well with thick bottoms such as wide pants. In fact, the double-turnup is said to have been used by cowboys as an ashtray for storing cigarette butts. Although we rarely have the opportunity to use it as an ashtray today, it would not be a bad idea to know such a great knowledge that you can tell to your friends as a small story.

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