What are the 11 points to elevate men’s dressing in oversized & BIG silhouettes?


What are the 11 points to elevate men's dressing in oversized & BIG silhouettes?

Oversized clothing has been widely accepted not only on the streets but also among luxury brands. Although a shift from the long-lasting street trend to elegance has been advocated by some, the oversized style is likely to maintain its popularity, especially in men’s fashion. In this issue, we focus on oversized and big silhouette wear, and introduce key points of coordination and recommended outfits!

Oversized” and “big silhouettes” are keywords that luxury brands are all proposing!

The 90s revival street style trend that has been going on for several years has attracted attention to oversized coordinates that dare to incorporate items that are several sizes larger than optimal for one’s body shape. The origin of oversized clothes is a typical HIPHOP style that was born as a counterculture in New York in the 70’s, in the midst of the disco boom. The style, which was often seen in poor neighborhoods at the time, was considered “cool in reverse” and became a fashion style. It is said to have taken root as a fashion style.

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In recent years, there have been a number of new fashion brands such as “OFF-WHITE,” a pioneer of the luxury street brand, “Alexander Wang,” which has created many trends in the fashion world, and “Burberry,” which was newly reborn with the entry of Riccardo Tisci. Burberry,” which was reborn after Riccardo Tisci joined the brand, and many other brands have proposed oversized styles. Not only street fashion brands, but also dress brands such as “Ermenegildo Zegna,” which is synonymous with the finest suits, have introduced oversized styles in their collections. Some websites seem to explain the difference in meaning between “oversize = choosing a larger size” and “big silhouette = having a larger garment,” but it is important to understand that the terms are used almost synonymously in the fashion industry.


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