Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men


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Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men

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(6) The British leather shoes brand is patronized by Prince Charles and its ability is well-known. ” Tricker’s

Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, Tricker’s is one of the oldest British brands with a history of nearly two centuries. In Japan, Tricker’s is very famous for its country boots, but it is a genuine men’s shoe brand, and its dress shoes made of high quality leather are very popular in the United Kingdom. One of the reasons why there are so many lovers of the brand is its bench-made style, in which each pair of shoes is made from start to finish by a single craftsman, rather than through a division of labor. The late Princess Diana and Prince Charles are also famous for using the brand.

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Tricker’s Burton

The “Burton” is the standard model of the country collection. The outsole is made with the expectation of walking in the fields and mountains, and the dinite sole is used for the outsole, making these attractive leather shoes easy to wear regardless of the weather or road surface. The gorgeous design with brogings and medallions is also a must-have!

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Tricker’s Malton

The “BOURTON” is a classic boot that symbolizes Tricker’s. It is a model that has fans all over the world. This model has fans all over the world, and is known as the favorite of Nick Wooster. The slightly rounded round toe with brogue is made of the 4497S last (wooden pattern). The height is just right for any pants, and the double soles are sturdy, making them the perfect country boots.

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Tricker’s Woodstock

The “Woodstock” has a simple design, but the maroon color gives it a nice flavor. It uses the same last ” 4497S ” as the Molton, and although it does not have brogue detailing, it has a strong, country-inspired, rugged air, just like the Tricker’s. Because of its simple design that eliminates waste, it is a pair that fits well with business styles as well as casual styles without any discomfort.

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