Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men


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Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men

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British leather shoes brand (4) ” CROCKETT & JONES ” known as James Bond’s partner

Founded in 1879 by Charles Jones and his brother-in-law James Crockett, Crockett & Jones has a history of over 100 years, but it was not until the 2000s that many people began to recognize it as a prestigious brand. For a long time, Crockett & Jones was contracted to produce for brands such as George Cleverly and John Rob Paris. The brand’s proven track record guarantees reliable sewing techniques and quality control. The fact that James Bond, who had been a long-time Church loyalist, switched to Crockett & Jones after “Skyfall,” released in 2012, shows the high reputation of the brand.

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The “Audrey” is Crockett & Jones’ signature straight-tip, inside-blade dress shoe. Crockett & Jones offers two lines, the “Main Collection,” which is the standard line, and the “Hand Grade,” which is the high-end line, and the Audrey belongs to the latter, Hand Grade. One of the reasons for the popularity of this model is its sophisticated semi-square toe, which was developed using the ” 337 ” last, which was developed with the input of a bespoke craftsman who has a workshop in the Paris store. It has both a sleek silhouette and an excellent fitting with a sense of hold.

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Crockett & Jones’ tassel loafer “Cavendish” is popular all over the world along with Alden’s tassel loafer. The Cavendish, with its elegant yet somewhat casual mood, is a dependable leather shoe that blends easily with suits and jackets, as well as jeans. From glossy cordovan to the chic suede ones we picked up this time, you can choose the leather quality you like and wear them for many years.

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The “Alex” is a hall-cut dress shoe by Crockett & Jones. The hall cut, also known as a one-piece plank toe, is a leather shoe characterized by being molded from a single piece of leather. Some hole-cut shoes have medallions or perforations, but Alex pursues ultimate simplicity by omitting all decorations. It is also known as the leather shoe that adorned Bond’s feet in the two 007 movies, “Spectre” and “Skyfall,” and is perfect for wearing with a suit, or even with a tuxedo style like Bond!

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Crockett & Jones “Alex (ALEX)” is a famous hole cut that was used by 007 James Bond for two films.

関連記事 Crockett & Jones "ALEX" is a famous hole cut that was used by 007 James Bond for two films.


The “Highbury” is a plain toe shoe also known as a V-front due to the shape of the wings. Like Alex, this is also a masterpiece worn by James Bond in ” Skyfall. The edgy silhouette of the last 348 is elegant.

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