John Robb “LOPEZ”. What are the 6 attractions that the best coin loafer boasts?


John Robb "LOPEZ". What are the 6 attractions that the best coin loafer boasts?

The Lopez is a coin loafer representing John Robb (JOHN LOBB). The high quality upper made of museum calf or misty calf and the oval window on the saddle are the unique charm of this model not found in other loafers. This time, we focus on John Robb’s ” LOPEZ ” and introduce its charm!

John Robb (JOHN LOBB), the king of leather shoes with the highest quality materials and technology.

John Robb is a shoe brand founded in London in 1866, and in the latter half of the 19th century, it produced many bispoke shoes for the upper class, such as politicians and the financial elite, and in 1902, it opened a branch in Paris. The line of ready-to-wear shoes was started. Since then, they have created masterpieces such as the double monk WILLIAM, the punched cap toe PHILIP, and the loafer LOPEZ one after another, and have steadfastly maintained their position as a leading brand loved by gentlemen all over the world.

John Robb’s masterpiece coin loafer, the ” LOPEZ “.

The LOPEZ is a pair of John Robb coin loafers synonymous with the brand. They are ready-made shoes derived from the bispoke shoes ordered by Aquilino Lopez, a big leaguer, and the last is ” 4395,” which was developed exclusively for loafers. The window frame of the saddle portion is a unique oval shape, a design that is recognizable to those who see it. The front apron is hand-stitched to create a beautiful finish. While traditional, these coin loafers have an elegant look that goes well with suit styles.

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The charm of John Robb’s “LOPEZ” (1) “Luxurious upper made of the highest quality leather”.

The use of high-quality leather is a common feature of all John Robb shoes. The leather used for dress shoes is processed from “animal skin” to “leather for products” by a wholesaler called a tanner. For John Robb, it is ” a godsend ” to be able to use the connections of the Hermes Group and purchase leather from prestigious tanneries such as Ilccia in Italy and Dupuis in France. While dealing with such high quality leather, the company also checks the parts used in detail for scratches and bloodstains. If there is a slight flaw in the finished product or a blood vessel that cannot be discerned by the untrained eye, the product is immediately sent to the reject section.

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There are two main types of leather used for Lopez. One of them is ” museum calf,” which is John Robb’s signature leather. Museum calf is a type of leather called “Radica” produced by the Italian tannery Ilcia, and is characterized by its uneven overall coloring. The color is not uneven as if it were painted by hand, but rather, it is drum-dyed to express an elegant marble-like unevenness in color.

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The other “Misty Calf” is a leather with the same unique unevenness. The unevenness of the color produces a rich expression. This leather has a different appeal from museum calf leather, even though they have the same unevenness. Lopez uses a single luxurious piece of these high-quality leathers from the toe to the calf, excluding the instep.

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The same material is used for everything from the lining to the insole. The “JOHN LOBB” logo is beautifully engraved, and even the parts that are not normally visible have been carefully selected.

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John Robb “Lopez” Attraction 2 “Iconic saddle with oval window

Coin loafers are characterized by the slit in the saddle where a coin can be inserted, which is also the origin of the name. The cutouts are generally horizontally or in a triangular shape, but Lopez has an oval window. At both ends of the saddle are stitches that hold the mocca stitching in place. These saddle designs, which are slightly different from those of ordinary coin loafers, are also unique to Lopez.

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Charm of John Robb’s “Lopez” (3) “Beautifully hand-stitched moccasin stitching

The stitching on the U-shaped front apron is an important factor that determines the quality of the loafer. Lopez moccasins are called “ogamocha,” which means that the instep part and the outer circumference part are sewn together. The mocassins are not machine-stitched but hand-stitched by craftsmen, and are finished delicately and beautifully.

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Appeal of John Robb’s “Lopez” (4) “Classic short-nose silhouette with last 4395

Another feature of John Robb is that it owns various types of lasts. The last of the Lopez is the ” 4395 “, which is specially designed for loafers. The rounded toe and short nose silhouette create a classical atmosphere. By making full use of outstanding technical skills in the process of suspending the toe on the last, a three-dimensional toe with a luxurious feel is achieved.

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Appeal of John Robb’s “Lopez” (5) “Goodyear welt method with attention to detail

Lopez’s uppers and soles are joined by the Goodyear welt method. While many brands use the Mackay method for loafers to emphasize lightness, John Robb, which has a factory in Northampton, uses the Goodyear welt method, which is typical of John Robb. This manufacturing method, in which cork is laid inside the shoe, allows the cork to sink in as the shoe is worn, allowing the shoe to adapt to the wearer’s foot. Although they are loafers, they have the practicality to withstand long hours of walking. The overhanging welt is a visible feature of the Goodyear welt method, but the careful treatment of the welt also reveals John Robb’s high level of technical skill and attention to detail.

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Appeal of John Robb’s “Lopez” (6) “Elegant outsole with Hidden Channel finish

The outsole is also stamped with ” JOHN LOBB “. In the case of Goodyear welt shoes, a channel is carved on the sole to fill in the stitching, but Lopez uses the Hidden Channel detailing to hide the channel. Even the outsole is elegantly finished.

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