What is the charm of “CONSUL,” Church’s famous shoes loved by British politicians?


What is the charm of "CONSUL," Church's famous shoes loved by British politicians?

Of all the standard straight-tip shoes with inside wings, Church’s “Consul” is one of the most famous in Japan as well as in the UK. The word “consul” means “consul” in Japanese, and the name comes from the fact that many British politicians wore oxford (inner-blade) shoes. In this issue, we focus on “Consul” by Church’s, a major standard of authentic British leather shoes, and introduce its charm!

Church’s “, the brand that set the standard for leather shoes

Church’s” is the brand that created the first ever “adaptable” shoe, a shoe with a different shape for the left and right foot, at a time when there was no distinction between shoes for the right and left foot and only straight shoes existed. By creating various concepts that are taken for granted today, the brand won a gold medal at a shoe exhibition held in London in 1881. This was the beginning of the company’s growth as a shoe brand that became famous throughout Europe.

Church is also known as the ” father of English ready-to-wear shoes. This is because Church’s was one of the first to introduce the Goodyear welt method, which was born in the United States in the late 18th century, and established the image of “English ready-to-wear shoes = Goodyear welt. Church’s Goodyear welt process is so meticulous and high quality that it is highly acclaimed worldwide, and it takes a great deal of time and effort to make one pair of shoes.

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Church’s” is also known as James Bond’s favorite leather shoes.

Church is also famous for being James Bond’s favorite shoe. In “Quantum of Solace,” it is rumored that the “SHANNON” was worn in addition to the “RYDER3” chukka boots. Unfortunately, Crockett & Jones has since taken over the position, but the image of “Church as Bond’s iconic leather shoes” has not changed. The image of “Bond’s favorite leather shoes,” which tickles men’s hearts more than anything else, is one of the factors that support Church’s appeal, as well as its solid track record as a leather shoe manufacturer.

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Church’s leather shoe production takes 250 processes and 8 weeks to complete.

Church’s leather shoes are still manufactured at the company’s factory in Northampton, as they were after the acquisition by Prada in 1999. They are made using the traditional Goodyear welt method, and each pair of leather shoes takes eight weeks to complete, with a total of 250 steps involved in the manufacturing process. Church, which brought a new innovation to shoemaking in the 19th century, is still making the best shoes in the world more than 140 years after its establishment.

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