15 apparel brands with stylish men’s golf wear


15 apparel brands with stylish men's golf wear

Do you know that golf wear is expanding the market at a remarkable speed riding on the flow of the recent golf boom? Not only traditional golf wear brands and sports manufacturers, but also major apparel brands are entering the market, and fashionable items that can be worn as street wear are appearing one after another. In this issue, we will introduce you to all the recommended apparel brands that handle golf wear!

Apparel brands that actively handle men’s golf wear are rapidly increasing!

These days, various apparel brands such as jeans brands, luxury brands, and original lines of select stores are now offering golf wear. Department stores and select stores are also lined with fashionable apparel, making you wonder if they are really golf wear. There are also many fashionable items that make you wonder, “Is this really golf wear? If you are looking for fashionable wear that is different from items from sports manufacturers and golf wear brands, why not take a look at the list of apparel brands introduced in this article?

Golf wear recommended apparel brand ① “POLO GOLF

First, we picked up “PoloGolf,” the golf line of Ralph Lauren, which has established an absolute position as a global apparel brand. The regular line also offers polo shirts and other items that could be worn as golf wear, but this dedicated line offers items more focused on golf. The lineup ranges from short-sleeved tops to down vests that may come in handy in the cooler months, so if you are looking for a stable lineup of Ralph Lauren products, check it out first.

Look for wear of POLO GOLF

Golf wear recommended apparel brand②”LACOSTE

Lacoste is also famous as a brand that specializes in polo shirts, the royal road of golf wear. In addition to basic deer polo shirts, the brand also offers many functional items that are useful for playing golf. The crocodile logo that symbolizes the brand is still in place.

Find golf wear of LACOSTE

Golf wear recommended apparel brand ③[Champion

Champion, which handles a wide range of sports casual wear, of course also offers golf wear. Today, sweatshirt items for street wear are by far the most famous and popular, but these products were originally designed to be worn during sports. Golf wear is also available, but it is of course possible to use a Reverse Weave hoodie as golf wear, for example.

Golf wear of Champion

Golf wear recommended apparel brand ④ “Lee GOLF

Did you know that Lee, a long-established brand of workwear including jeans, launched a golf line in 2022? The line has been developed based on the workwear of the brand that has been loved for over 100 years. The lineup includes many accessories using denim fabrics unique to Lee, so it is worth a look if you want to incorporate the casual taste of the denim brand into your golf wear as well.

Find golf wear of Lee GOLF

Golf wear recommended apparel brand⑤”EDWIN

Another denim brand that handles golf wear is Edwin. Edwin started a golf line in 2009, which will be renewed in 2021, proposing items from a new perspective based on the concept of “a beautiful golf style that can be used both on and off the golf course. In line with this concept, the lineup includes items designed not only for golf but also for business use. In particular, as a bottoms manufacturer, the company is particular about the silhouette, fit, and materials used in its pants, as well as their functionality.

Find golf wear of EDWIN

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