Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men


Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men

English shoes, which are well suited to the word “quality and sturdiness,” are an existence that cannot be avoided when talking about leather shoes. There is no end to the list of advantages of British shoes, but the greatest feature of British shoes is the “authenticity” that is not found in leather shoes from other countries. It is no exaggeration to say that the overhanging koba of the Goodyear welt method and the stately silhouette embody the aesthetics of a man. In this issue, we introduce 11 British leather shoe brands full of such romance and their recommended models!

British leather shoes brand 1: “EDWARD GREEN” still produces shoes of the highest quality as an independent brand

Edward Green is one of the most famous British leather shoe brands, which started in 1890 when a shoemaker of the same name started making men’s dress shoes in a small factory in Northampton. No one has ever pursued such delicate techniques and beauty in shoemaking as Edward Green, and he quickly gained a reputation as “one of Britain’s rare and brilliant shoemakers” and was loved by people all over the world. While many British leather shoe manufacturers are now under the umbrella of major fashion brands, Edward Green is a rare brand that has overcome numerous business difficulties and is still active as an independent brand. With the belief since its foundation of “seeking the highest possible quality,” Edward Green continues to produce beautiful dress shoes that make full use of its advanced technology and masterpiece lasts.

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The “Chelsea,” a straight-tip shoe with a neat, inside sole, is a must-have when talking about Edward Green. The swan-neck detail on the side of the dovecote, which is synonymous with the Chelsea, continues to fascinate leather shoe enthusiasts. The silhouette is a sharp last 82.

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Along with the Chelsea, the eternal classic U-tip “Dover” boasts unwavering popularity. The symbolic “skin stitching” on the mocca portion, where the leather is sewn inside by hand, can only be achieved by combining the highest quality leather and skilled techniques. The sleek and smart last is the slender “#32,” developed especially for the Dover. Although these U-tip leather shoes originated from outdoor sports shoes, the smart silhouette and elegant luster combine to create a chic atmosphere that does not give off a sports taste.

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Like the Chelsea, the ” Berkeley ” has a beautiful punched cap toe with a swan neck by the dovecote. The sharp, moderately long-nosed 82 last is a pair of shoes that will tighten up any man’s outfit from the feet up.

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