Introducing the charm and standard items of SANDERS, which is equipped with everything from dress to military wear.


Introducing the charm and standard items of SANDERS, which is equipped with everything from dress to military wear.

Sanders is loved by people all over the world for its high quality shoes made of carefully selected materials and traditional Goodyear welt method. It is a long-established British leather shoe brand that offers a wide variety of items from business to casual, including military collections. This time, we focus on “SANDERS” and introduce its charm and standard items!

Saunders, a long-established British leather shoe brand with over 140 years of history

Saunders is a long-established British leather shoe brand established in Rushden by brothers William and Thomas Saunders in 1873, and has been a family business for over 140 years. The company’s commitment to the Goodyear welt method is the best among British manufacturers, and most of the parts are made of natural materials.

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In addition, Saunders is one of the few brands that have not only been granted a Royal Warrant, but also allowed to have Queen Elizabeth’s crown engraved on their products. In addition to OEM production for such distinguished fashion brands as Gieves & Hawkes, Marcel Lassens, A.P.C., and Ralph Lauren, the company also supplies leather shoes to the British Ministry of Defense. Saunders’ shoes are used in more than 30 countries, and the company made a full-fledged entry into Japan in 2006.

Sanders shoes are made of high quality materials, yet reasonably priced

Sanders’ leather shoes are moderately priced for a full-fledged British shoe manufacturer. Nevertheless, the variety of materials and the high quality of Saunders shoes are as good as those of high-end brands. A representative material is the polished calf used in the ” Military Collection,” which is synonymous with Sanders. It is different from cheap glass leather and has a moist luster.

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The quality of ordinary calf leather is also first-class. The natural luster that shines on the bottom can only be achieved with fine-grained cowhide.

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The suede used for chukka boots is also superb, with a soft yet luxurious finish. The fluff is kept short and trimmed so that it is easy to use in spring and fall without making the atmosphere hotter than it needs to be.

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The reason why Saunders is able to offer such a wide range of high-quality materials at a reasonable price is because it supplies leather shoes to the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). Most of the shoes for the MOD are made by Saunders, and about 50% of the factory is allocated as its production line. Although it is a private company, it cooperates with the government, which helps to keep production costs down.

Sanders shoes feature all-around goodyear welt construction for superior durability and comfort

Most Saunders dress shoes are made using the Goodyear welt method. In addition to the ability to replace the sole, this method offers many advantages, such as excellent durability and the comfort of an insole that conforms to the foot each time it is worn. Although this specification is synonymous with high-end ready-to-wear shoes, the finish varies from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of the shank and other parts used inside the shoe, as well as the degree of protrusion of the heel. Saunders’ Goodyear welt method is characterized by the use of natural materials for most of the parts. The protrusion of the cuff is not suppressed, giving the shoes a classic and dignified look.

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While the Goodyear welt method is generally applied only to the front half of the shoe, Saunders also uses the all-around Goodyear welt method, which is also known as 360-degree welt or double-welted, and is often seen in American shoes, etc. This design is often seen in American shoes and gives them a more stately appearance than usual. The full-length welt eliminates the need for nails, which would otherwise increase the weight of the shoe. The absence of nails makes it possible to create a lightweight finish that is at odds with the massive appearance of the shoes.

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While there are many people who avoid Goodyear welt shoes because of their weight, Saunders shoes are lightweight without sacrificing the classic look and feel, and have a weight that is just right for a comfortable walk. The all-around Goodyear welt method also offers superior cushioning compared to conventional shoes because cork can be placed around the heel without the use of nails.

The ” Military Collection ” is the iconic series of Sanders shoes.

Among Saunders’ wide variety of leather shoes, the Military Collection has been particularly popular in recent years. This series is designed from the wooden pattern based on the archives of military shoes stored by Saunders, which is also an official supplier to the MOD (British Ministry of Defense).

Sandals’ Military Collection features polished calf leather with luxurious luster and functionality.

The greatest feature of the military collection is the polished leather used for the upper. Polished leather, which is usually calf leather coated with resin, has a very beautiful luster. Sanders’ polished leather is famous for producing a texture similar to cordovan, also known as the diamond of leather. This is due to the use of fine-grained, moist calf leather as a material. The beautiful luster is achieved by applying a thin layer of resin to the surface of high-quality calf leather, which is tanned from calfskin that is less than six months old, and then carefully polished.

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Another big advantage of polished leather is that it can be worn even on rainy days. Rain is essentially the worst enemy of leather shoes, and getting wet not only causes ring stains, discoloration, and texture changes, but in the worst case scenario, it can also cause fungus. Polished leather, however, is covered with a resin film, making it highly water-resistant. It is a material that overturns the perception that “you can’t wear leather shoes on a rainy day,” because it can be worn in a little rain with little care.

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Another feature of polished leather is that, unlike ordinary calf leather shoes, it requires almost no regular maintenance. If dirt or dust is a problem, a quick wipe with a cloth dampened with water is all that is needed. This is a very attractive material for those who find the process of applying cream and polishing two or three times a month a painful one. The fact that it does not require maintenance does not mean that it cannot age well, and the leather becomes much more attractive as it ages through wrinkles and other changes over time.

Queen Elizabeth crown engraved on the heel.

There are many brands, not only shoemakers, that have received royal warrants, but Saunders is one of a limited number of brands in the U.K. that are allowed to have the Queen’s Royal Crown engraved on their shoes, based on their experience in dealing with British official deliveries. The heel of the military collection is engraved with Queen Elizabeth’s crown, providing a subtle accent.

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The ” MILITARY DERBY SHOE ” represents the Sanders military collection

Among the military collection, the “MILITARY DERBY SHOE” with straight-tip external blades is the most popular. The first thing to note is the toe detail, which is the most distinctive feature of this model. Unlike the general straight tip, which has two stitched lines, the Military Derby Shoe has three stitched lines on the toe. This design shows the military roots of the Saunders tradition and creates a different atmosphere from other leather shoes. It creates a casual impression and a not-too-casual atmosphere.

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The silhouette is extremely orthodox. The form is neither too thick nor too slender, and is not influenced by trends. They are highly practical and versatile enough to be used for both business and private purposes. The Goodyear welt manufacturing process allows the insole to conform to the shape of the sole and toes, and the cork inside sinks in every time the foot is inserted. The use of smooth leather provides excellent cushioning. The inner part of the heel is made of suede, which acts as a non-slip surface to prevent the heel from slipping out.

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The sole of the MILITARY DERBY SHOE is also a feature. This command sole, which has a shape similar to a so-called “dynamite sole,” is made by ITSHIDE in the UK. The sole is extremely sturdy, and there is almost no possibility of rain getting in through the sole. Although the initial feel is a little stiff, the sole wears much slower than a normal rubber sole. They also have excellent grip and cushioning, and are designed so that once your feet get used to them, they will not tire easily even after walking for long periods of time. It can be said that these soles were developed for walking on rough terrain, and they are truly a product of their military roots.

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The laces are made of “flat laces” with waxed laces. While round laces are often used for general dress shoes, flat laces are often used for bespoken shoes. The reason for this is the better fit. Flat cords, which hold the shoe “on the surface,” are more comfortable when walking and hold the foot more firmly than round cords. In terms of decorativeness, the three-stitched toe is also an excellent match. In addition to the standard black laces, the military derby shoes also come with khaki laces, which can be used in different ways depending on the occasion and coordination.

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Sanders “MILITARY OFFISERS SHOE” with simple design

Plain toe military officer’s shoes with external blades. Even within the same military collection, this pair is more orthodox, as it does not have the three-stitching that is unique to Saunders. However, the polished calf upper and all-around Goodyear welt construction are still present. They are a gem of quality and functionality.

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Sanders “MILITARY HIGHLAND BROGUE SHOE” that makes your feet look gorgeous.

Military collection wingtip with external blades. The decorative features of full brogue, such as medallions and perforations, are matched beautifully with the gloss of polished calf. Both the upper and outsole are designed to withstand a little rain. The flat strap laces also go well with the decorations.

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Sandals “HELSINKI” with beautiful texture of calf leather

This model is a straight-tip model with an inside shuttlecock, which shows the technical skills of a long-established British brand. The all-around Goodyear welt manufacturing process gives the sole a little more presence than a typical cap toe, but it is characterized by a classic appearance that can be used for formal occasions as well. Despite its appearance, it is lightweight and does not cause fatigue even after long hours of walking. The beautiful texture of the calf leather tells that Sanders is not only a polished calf brand.

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James Bond’s favorite Sanders “HI TOP CHUKKA

The Hi-Top Chukka is a chukka boot famous for gracing the feet of James Bond in the movie ” Spectre. The Mudguard model, the prototype of the Hi-Top Chukka, is a masterpiece among masterpieces that American actor Steve McQueen is said to have worn both publicly and privately. The sole of such high-top chukkas uses the ” Mudguard method ” for sole attachment. As the name suggests, this manufacturing method was created to keep mud away from the sole, and by attaching thin rubber to the gap between the upper and sole, which can be considered a weak point of the shoe, the gap is strengthened. This process prevents mud and moisture from penetrating the sole and gives the shoe a unique look. The thick rubber outsole also provides good cushioning.

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