Church’s masterpiece tassel loafer “KEATS” boasts five charms.


Church's masterpiece tassel loafer "KEATS" boasts five charms.

The “KEATS” is Church’s signature tassel loafer. The brand’s unique attention to detail is found throughout, from the polished binder calf upper to the minimalist silhouette. In this issue, we focus on Church’s “Keats” and introduce its charms!

Church’s” is one of the most prestigious leather shoes brands in the U.K.

Church’s was founded in 1873 in Northampton, a town famous for its shoemaking industry. It began when Thomas Church, who learned shoemaking skills from his great-grandfather, set up a small workshop on Maple Street. At that time, shoes were straight, with no distinction between left and right sides, but Church was the first in the world to create shoes with a left-right distinction by curving them in the shape of the foot. Church’s shoes were the first in the world to be curved to fit the foot, and he also introduced half-sizes into the size range. By creating various concepts that are now taken for granted, he won a gold medal at a shoe exhibition in London in 1881. In 1965, he received a visit from Queen Elizabeth II, who awarded him the ” Queen’s Award “, the highest honor in British industry, in recognition of his export business.

In 1999, the company reached a turning point when it was acquired by Prada. Before the acquisition, Church was nicknamed “Old Church,” and models from this period are still popular with strong fans. After the acquisition of Prada, Church’s leather shoes are still manufactured at the company’s factory in Northampton. The traditional Goodyear welt method is used, and each pair takes eight weeks and 250 steps to complete. In recent years, Prada has added a fashionable design to its models, but it also offers many classic leather shoes that have been produced since the days of the old Church. The brand is characterized by excellent durability and comfort that grows on the wearer’s feet the more they wear them, and it boasts high popularity in Japan as a royal roadmap brand of English leather shoes.

Church’s is famous as James Bond’s favorite shoe.

Church is also famous for being the favorite of James Bond. In “Quantum of Solace,” Daniel Craig’s version of Bond wore “RYDER3” and “SHANNON” chukka boots. Although Crockett & Jones have been worn in the two most recent films, the image of “Church as Bond’s iconic leather shoes” has not changed. The fact that the shoes have been used in the 007 series of films set in the U.K. is one of the reasons why they have established an unshakeable position as legitimate British shoes.

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KEATS” tassel loafers, a masterpiece of quality and sturdiness typical of Church’s

Keats is a tassel loafer produced by Church. The upper is made of originally developed polished binder calf and has excellent water resistance and a beautiful luster. The minimalist silhouette of the short-nosed last 93 is another reason for its popularity, and it has been a long-selling loafer loved by gentlemen around the world since the days of the old Church more than 30 years ago.

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The charm of Church’s “KEATS” (1) “Water-resistant upper that can be enjoyed over time! Polished binder calf”.

The upper of the Keats is made of a leather called ” Polished Binder Calf. It is a special leather originally developed by Church, and has been used under the name of “book binder calf” since the time of the former Church, before it was acquired by Prada. It was originally created for the purpose of ” making leather that can be worn easily in rainy London,” and is characterized by its water-repellent, stain-resistant, and easy-care properties. A thin coating of resin is applied to the calf to make it water-resistant and glossy. It is similar to glass leather in that it has a strong luster, but compared to cheap glass leather, polished binder calf is much more supple and beautiful. Polished binder calf, which is made from high-quality calf, also ages well, changing its texture over the years of wear.

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Attraction of Church “KEATS” (2) “Upper design that shines with a unique sense in the royal road”.

On the instep are two small tassels. The tassels are made of polished binder calf and shine when the light reflects off them.

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The unique moccasin stitching is also noteworthy. The design is a combination of “matching mocassins” and “pinched mocassins,” giving them a unique presence.

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The cuffs are decorated with separate parts of leather cords. The heel is small but sturdy, with a Church-like appearance at the back.

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High-quality leather is used all the way down to the lining and insoles. The Church and brand logos are engraved, as well as the name of the city in which the company operates its directly managed stores.

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Attraction of Church “Keats” (3) “Short-nose silhouette with a minimalist atmosphere

The last 93, which has been used for loafers for a long time, is adopted for the wooden pattern. Compared to the last 126, which is also used for loafers, the discarded dimension is shorter, and the silhouette is characterized by a short nose. The shallow instep makes the opening of the shoe look wider, and the overall atmosphere is minimalist and elegant.

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Attraction of Church “Keats” (4) “Goodyear welt method for comfort

Keats’ uppers and soles are joined by the Goodyear welt method. Church’s Goodyear welt process, which involves the majority of the 250 steps involved, provides a robust and comfortable fit. The fit increases with wear, and even though they are loafers, they can handle long hours of walking.

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Attraction of Church’s “Keats” (5) “Open channel outsole with a focus on practicality

All Church’s Goodyear welt shoes are made with an open channel (the threads and grooves of the outstitching are not hidden). The reason why Church’s Goodyear welted shoes are not made with hidden channels (specifications that hide the threads and grooves), as seen in high-end brands, is because the company values practicality over ornamentation. This outsole shows Church’s commitment.

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