Plaid Jackets – Special feature on Plaid Jacket Codes! Featured Men’s Outfits & Items


Plaid Jackets - Special feature on Plaid Jacket Codes! Featured Men's Outfits & Items

Depending on the variation of the pattern, a plaid jacket can be worn as glamorous or chic. Although they are more difficult to wear than plain jackets, there are surprisingly many ways to use them, such as creating a unified coordinate by picking out different colors, or adding a sense of spice by wearing them as an inner layer of a coat. In this issue, we focus on the “checkered jacket” and introduce some of the most popular outfits and items!

French chic turtlenecks added to coordinates with checkered jackets

With the British style gaining popularity, checkered jackets have been attracting more and more attention. The trend-conscious and fashionable are coordinating their outfits with various modern arrangements of plaid tailored jackets, not to mention the hound’s tooth, glen check, tartan check, and other patterns that are representative of the British style. In the snapshot shown here, a double brown plaid jacket with metal buttons is paired with a white turtleneck and white denim, creating a smart jacket style that accentuates the plaid pattern of the jacket with the white items on top and bottom. The brown plaid jacket stands out as an accent to the monotone main items.


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A checkered jacket with a turtleneck and clean cargo pants for an urban finish to your coordinate.

The checkered jacket with its wide peak lapels creates a masculine impression, and is paired with a black turtleneck knit and beautiful chinocloth brown cargo pants to create an urban finish that removes the fussiness of the jacketed pants coordinate. The black turtleneck adds a modern look to the checkered jacket, while the cargo pants, which have a rugged appeal, are made of a shiny material in an elegant hue, giving both a clean and masculine look to the coordination. The glossy wingtip feet that elevate the styling to a dressy look at once are also not to be overlooked.


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A red and black checkered jacket for a trendy and accelerated jacket coordinate

Woolrich, known as the oldest outdoor brand in the U.S., has been attracting renewed attention from the American casual trend, and the popularity of the brand’s iconic red and black buffalo check pattern has also skyrocketed. In men’s fashion, where “black is back,” the red-and-black buffalo check is shining freshly as a particularly fashionable color scheme. The gentleman shown here has adopted a red and black checkered jacket that combines buffalo check and English-style tartan check in a modern arrangement, accelerating the sense of trendiness. The combination of a black turtleneck and short, slim pants gives the jacket a modern look that is both flamboyant and sophisticated.

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