Six functional beauties embodied by Crockett & Jones’ masterpiece derby shoe, “NORWICH


Six functional beauties embodied by Crockett & Jones' masterpiece derby shoe, "NORWICH

Leather shoes with an external shuttlecock style are useful in the business world because they are easy to put on and take off and are suitable for walking for long periods of time. Among them, “NORWICH” by CROCKETT & JONES has many fans as a pair that is both functional and beautiful. In this issue, we focus on Crockett & Jones’ external straight tip “Norwich,” and introduce its charms!

Crockett & Jones”, a leading British leather shoe brand

Crockett & Jones was founded in 1879 by Charles Jones and his brother-in-law James Crockett. In 1924, the Duke of York, later to become King George VI, visited the company and the royal family took notice of the company. During World War II, the company made more than 10,000 pairs of military shoes for the country.

Today, Crockett & Jones is known worldwide, but in the past, the company was rather highly regarded by shoe makers and shoemakers in the same industry. The reason for this is that Crockett & Jones was an OEM manufacturer that handled shoes made to order for other companies. In 1990, Crockett & Jones received the Queen’s Award for export success, and in 1997, it opened a shop on Jermyn Street in London to sell its original products. In 1997, the company opened a store on London’s Jermyn Street, making a name for itself as a brand involved in original products.

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It takes Crockett & Jones approximately eight weeks to complete a pair of leather shoes, and more than 200 processes are involved to produce high quality leather shoes that can be worn for more than 10 years. Moreover, since Kett & Jones has been an OEM manufacturer for a long time, it is said that they have the largest number of lasts in the world. There are many leather shoe brands, but there are few that maintain such a stable quality as Crockett & Jones. Under the leadership of President Jonathan Jones, who still carries on the blood of the Jones family that founded the company, the company continues to create shoes that fascinate men all over the world.

Crockett & Jones finally received a Royal Warrant in 2017

The Royal Warrant, which means a royal warrant, is one of the indicators of a top brand. In the United Kingdom, the Royal Warrant is granted by Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Charles. Brands that have been granted a Royal Warrant are given the right to display the ” Royal Arms ” (coat of arms). Surprisingly, there are many brands that have earned Royal Warrants, from apparel to writing instruments to tea makers. However, when it comes to leather shoes, John Lobb and Tricker’s are just a few of them. Church and Edward Green, which are popular in Japan, are also not certified. In such a situation, Crockett & Jones received a royal warrant in 2017. The brand was officially endorsed by the British Royal Family as the brand for Prince Charles.

Crockett & Jones’ masterpiece “NORWICH” combines dressiness and functionality

Norwich (NORWICH) is an external straight-tip leather shoe by Crockett & Jones. Also read as ” Norwich/Norwich,” this pair is famous as the derby model worn by James Bond. The last is the “348” with a long nose, narrow tip chisel toe, and side edges. While these are orthodox British shoes, they also have a sophisticated Parisian taste.

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The high quality that is typical of Crockett & Jones is maintained, and the Dynaite sole makes it possible to wear them hard without being affected by the weather. Since the shoes are made using the family’s Goodyear welt method, they are also wonderfully comfortable to walk in. This is a pair with excellent usability that can be worn with a jacket style on off-duty days, not to mention on business occasions.

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