Step Up Your Style Game with Church’s Diplomat: A Classic Loved by Bond and Diplomats Alike!


Step Up Your Style Game with Church's Diplomat: A Classic Loved by Bond and Diplomats Alike!

Church has produced many masterpieces, and the “Diplomat” is one of the best in the Church collection. Diplomat” means “diplomat” in English, and was named after the semi-brogue leather shoes that many British diplomats liked to wear. They are also known to have been worn by the fifth James Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan. In this issue, we focus on Church’s “Diplomat” and its charms!

Church’s” is a long-established shoe brand that brought a new concept of leather shoes to the shoe industry

Church is a long-established shoe brand from Northampton, England. It began when Thomas Church, who learned shoemaking skills from shoemaker Stone Church, opened a small workshop on Maple Street in Northampton in 1873. In the 19th century, shoes were straight, with no distinction between left and right foot. Church was the first to introduce a separate shape for the left and right foot by creating a structure that curved in the shape of the foot. It is also said that this brand was the first to introduce half-size shoes.

These innovative inventions won the gold medal at a shoe exhibition held in London in 1881. Within a few years, Church had grown into a company synonymous with luxury footwear, and further expanded its scale through the manufacture of military shoes during the war, while focusing its efforts not only on Northampton, but also overseas.

Church’s shoemaking quality is recognized by the British Royal Family

Beginning with the opening of its first store, the company established branches in Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, and other countries. In 1965, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom visited Church’s factory on Northampton St. James Street. In recognition of her aggressive efforts to develop overseas markets, she was awarded the ” Queen’s Award “, the highest honor in British industry. Many leather shoe brands, such as Tricker’s and Crockett & Jones, have earned the title of Royal Warrant. Although Church does not have a royal warrant, its history proves that its high quality is endorsed by the Queen.

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Church’s leather shoemaking process takes 250 steps and 8 weeks to complete

Since being acquired by Prada in 2000, Church’s has been expanding into more fashion-oriented models and products for women, but its deep-rooted popularity is still based on its classic models that follow the designs of yesteryear. Church’s leather shoes are still manufactured at the factory in Northampton, and are carefully produced by skilled craftsmen from leather cutting to sewing, welting, and finishing. The traditional and honest shoemaking process, including the Goodyear welt method, is still being carried on today, more than 140 years after the company’s founding.

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