Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men


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Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men

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British leather shoes brand (3) “Church’s”, a prestigious English shoe brand that embodies quality and soundness

Founded in 1873 by the three Church brothers, the quality of the leather shoes, which take eight weeks and 250 processes to make each pair, is world-renowned, and the company even received an award from Queen Elizabeth II for its contribution to the export industry. Since its acquisition by Prada in 1999 due to financial difficulties, Prada has retained the classic British models it had been known for, while developing models that are more fashionable. Incidentally, the last pair made before the acquisition is called “Old Church,” and now it has a premium price. This is a brand that can be said to be the face of the United Kingdom, and has been the preferred footwear of successive generations of James Bonds.

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Church’s Consul

The “CONSUL” is one of the most famous straight-tip shoes with inside wings in the United Kingdom and Japan. The name “CONSUL” comes from the fact that many British ambassadors and politicians wore oxford (inner-blade) shoes, and the “#73 last,” a classic wood pattern that has been popular since 1940, is succeeded by the #100 last, which has a modern form with a long nose and is called the “#173. 173” is adopted. The overall silhouette is sublimated to a modern silhouette while providing a classical atmosphere, and the shoes are comfortable to wear as they fit the foot shape of modern people.

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Church’s Shannon

The “Shannon” is a masterpiece of Church’s shoe line, and is also known as a “representative of the external-blade plain-toe shoe. The model’s name is derived from the name of a town in the west of Ireland. The rounded, voluminous toe, the most distinctive feature of the shoe, is the result of the “#103” last. The upper is made of “Polished Binder Calf,” an original material with strong water repellency, in pursuit of increased durability and water resistance. As well as the presence of the upper, the triple leather sole and storm welt give the foundation an excellent sense of heft. This is a masterpiece model that combines elegance and sporty elements, and can be called a hybrid of country and dress shoes.

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Church’s Lambourne

Church’s “Lambourne” has a big presence with its triple sole and rounded toe volume. Like the SHANNON, this pair uses polished binder calf for the upper, which gives it an elegant luster that can be enjoyed. The double monk shoes are suitable to be worn as a partner for many years, as the wrinkles are imprinted as they are worn in.

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Church’s Rider 3

The “Rider 3” chukka boot from Church’s “Rider 3″ has undergone a series of minor changes since the first model and continues to boast of its ongoing popularity. The first generation used a crepe sole, but the current version uses a dynamite sole for improved practicality. It is also a masterpiece known for being worn by Daniel Craig in the 007 movie series ” Quantum of Solace. 91aiy5ujwql-_ux500_

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Church’s Keats

The “Keats” tassel loafer by Church. The upper is made of originally developed polished binder calf with excellent water resistance and beautiful luster. The minimalist silhouette of the short-nosed Last 93 is another reason for its popularity, and it has been a long-selling model loved by gentlemen around the world since the days of the old Church more than 30 years ago. 71vnnw00chl-_ux500_

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