Introducing the charm and classic models of “GRENSON,” a long-established English shoe company that provided costumes for the movie “The Great Gatsby.


Introducing the charm and classic models of "GRENSON," a long-established English shoe company that provided costumes for the movie "The Great Gatsby.

GRENSON” has been producing shoes for more than 150 years in England, the center of high-class men’s shoes. It is a prestigious brand known for having provided costumes for the American national movie ” The Great Gatsby “. This time, we focus on the traditional craftsmanship of “GRENSON” and introduce its charm and standard models!

Grenson is a long-established British leather shoe brand known for providing the costumes for “The Great Gatsby.”

Grenson is a long-established leather shoe manufacturer in Northampton, England. A shoemaker started out making leather shoes in a small space in his family home, and they quickly became very popular among English gentlemen. He was the first in the world to adopt the Goodyear welt method, which originated in the U.S., and his rugged craftsmanship made him a leading British brand. The brand has attracted worldwide attention since it provided costumes for the American national film “The Great Gatsby.

FacetoFace is a British shoe brand that has been making shoes with a modernized and beautiful silhouette since 2005, when Tim Little was appointed as Creative Director. The company has been growing in popularity for its modernized and beautifully shaped leather shoes.

The history of Grenson, the first company in the world to introduce the Goodyear welt

The birth of Grenson, one of the UK’s oldest and most respected brands

Grenson was founded in 1866. The brand was born in Rushden, Northamptonshire, England, the holy land of leather shoe manufacturing, but the first workshop set up by the founder, William Green, was a very small loft in his parents’ house. Nevertheless, Greene’s shoes were well received, and the business gradually grew. Seeing the need to increase production, Mr. Green established a factory in 1874. The factory, nicknamed “Green Yard” after his own name, was equipped with the most advanced machines available at the time. It is said that this factory was the first in the world to fully adopt the “Goodyear welt method,” a manufacturing technique that is now used by most leather shoe manufacturers.

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In 1895, the business was incorporated. At that time, the company was called ” Green & Son,” meaning the founder, Mr. Green, and his son, Son. In the same year, the company also built an even larger factory than before on Queen Street. This factory would support the brand for nearly 120 years until a new factory was established in 2013.

Grenson made many military shoes during the war

The founder, William Green, died in 1901, but his will was carried on by his son, and the factory was greatly expanded in 1911. In 1911, the factory was greatly expanded, establishing a production style that continues to this day. Two years later, in 1913, the brand name was shortened to the current ” GRENSON ” to reflect a more modern approach to leather shoe manufacturing. With the effect of the factory expansion, Grenson became the leading leather shoe manufacturer in the U.K. by this time.

From around 1914, the company made thousands of boots and shoes for soldiers serving in World War I to serve their country. Between 1939 and 1945 during World War II, he made more military boots for British as well as Allied soldiers. The company also developed products such as “flight boots,” which were designed for quick action in enemy territory. About 500 employees were involved in shoe production at the Grenson factory.

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Grenson, which gained attention with “The Great Gatsby”, lost steam in the 1990s.

In the 1950s, Hayden Green, the head of the company at the time, visited the United States. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company continued to produce exotic leather shoes. It was also during this period that Grenson’s leather shoes were made for the American blockbuster movie ” The Great Gatsby,” and were accepted in the global market.

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Although Grenson seemed to have established a firm position in the traditional leather shoe industry, it gradually lost momentum due to the rise of Italian brands, etc. In 1999, Grenson made its debut in the Japanese market, but compared to other British and Italian brands that had preceded it, Grenson was not a brand that garnered much attention. However, compared to other British and Italian brands that had preceded it, Grenson was not a brand that attracted much attention.

Grenson’s distinctive Britishness and modernism made it a top brand!

A major turning point came in 2005. The brand took a major turn in 2005, when renowned shoe designer Tim Little was brought in as creative director to pave a new path for the brand. While maintaining the rugged craftsmanship of the past, he added a modern element. The brand was once again in the limelight with new products that were not only solid and sturdy but also modern, and the brand achieved a revival.

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In 2010, Tim Little took the helm by acquiring Glenson, introducing a training program for craftsmen and establishing a new factory, and in 2015, he opened the brand’s first overseas flagship store. In 2015, the company opened its first overseas flagship store in New York. The company has made a name for itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a global following, and continues to develop an attractive collection that mixes tradition and innovation.

Grenson has been manufacturing leather shoes for more than 150 years with a “British style”.

Each pair of Grenson shoes requires 200 steps and up to eight weeks to complete. In 2012, the company introduced an apprenticeship program. The factory now employs about 130 shoemakers who produce about 300 pairs of shoes a week. In recent years, Grenson has gained a high reputation for its modern models, but it is the firmness of its traditions, such as the solidity of its hangings and sewing, that is the essence of this long-established brand.

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Grenson’s richly varied collection of leather shoes

Grenson’s leather shoes are available in a wide range of variations in collections by grade. From those using the finest calf made in France and Italy to those with excellent cost performance, Grenson offers a lineup that meets a wide range of needs.

This is the finest collection of leather shoes produced by Grenson. The uppers are carefully selected from the finest French and Italian calfskin. The suede models use suede from a prestigious British tannery. The leather sole is made of chesnut bark tanned leather with a beautiful luster, and the Hidden Channel finish, with no visible seams, gives the shoes an elegant look.

The collection includes straight-tip, wing-tip, and other royal road oxford shoes. The collection is centered on models that have an English style, and if you are not particular about Hidden Channel soles, the quality is luxurious enough. The upper leather with a high quality luster is also attractive.

The collection is centered on heavy double-sole full brogue and country boot models. The collection is designed and developed at Grenson’s studio, and the final process is carried out at a factory in India, which dramatically reduces the cost compared to other models. The lineup includes many models that are highly popular in Japan as well, and inexpensive shoes can be enjoyed for around 20,000 yen.

Grenson : LAB
Grenson offers a custom order service. Customers can select colors, soles, stitching, eyelets, and laces to customize Grenson shoes to their own unique specifications. The service is offered not only in the U.K. but also in other countries around the world, and several custom order events have been held in Japan in the past.

The archive collection of historical masterpieces from Grenson’s history.

The Grenson archive collection began rolling out in 2016, exactly 150 years after the company’s founding. The lineup includes models that look back at historical masterpieces and have been redesigned to bring them back to life in the modern age. 20th century shoes were generally narrow, and to reissue them, it was necessary to broaden the range without losing the essence of the shoes.

GRENSON Archive Collection

Therefore, a completely new last was developed. Four to five trials were repeated to complete it, and it was adapted to the modern shape. The leather was also newly procured and faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail, including the logo stamp, hand-stitched detailing, and heel nails. The remake was extremely difficult, but the result is a pair of “real classics” that you can never experience with today’s leather shoes.

Introducing Grenson’s classic models!

GRENSON “Inner-blade straight tip LONDON

Grenson’s classic model, the LONDON straight-tip shoes with inner wings, are a pair of shoes that exude a sense of luxury thanks to the rich, luxurious leather texture of the upper calf made by Annonay of France. The burgundy color is formal in design and can be worn on and off the street.

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GRENSON “Straight tip with inside shuttlecock ACCRINGTON

The ACCRINGTON is a pair of straight-tip shoes with an inside shuttlecock that can be worn not only for business but also for a wide range of formal occasions. While maintaining the British atmosphere, it also has modern elements. The slightly longer nose gives a dressier impression than the LONDON, which has the same inner-blade straight tip. The outsole is designed with Hidden Channel, a design that hides the seams, which is only used in high-end leather shoes such as bispoke shoes, and allows the wearer to show off their casual attention to detail.

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GRENSON “Inner wing tip BATH

These high-class wingtips are made of leather manufactured by Annonay in France. In addition to carefully applied decorations such as medallions and brogues, the Goodyear welt method is also well tailored to ensure that the shoes are quickly acclimated to the foot. The semi-square-toe silhouette makes them perfect for suits and jacket styles. It is a gem that can be worn both on and off the job.

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GRENSON “Outside wing tip ARCHIE

The Archie is the most popular wingtip with outside wings among the G2 collection. The voluminous triple welt sole is the symbol of this model and provides excellent cushioning to the foot while offering overwhelming durability. The medallions and perforations on the upper are of a quality befitting a top British brand. The binging at the toe and footwear opening also adds to the beauty of this shoe. The rounded toe and the narrowing of the toe are also reasons for the popularity of this silhouette, which is irresistible to lovers of classics.

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The semi-brogue shoes have a beautiful, moist leather luster. The outsole is tailored using the Hidden Channel method. In addition, only the top lift, which is subject to heavy wear, is made of rubber, which allows for long use and reduces the frequency of repairs. The quality of the workmanship is evident in the handcrafted nature of these shoes.

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GRENSON “Hall Cut Shoes

A pair of dress-inspired hall cut shoes with a casual element by installing a triple sole; the quality of a hall cut shoe made of only one piece of leather is directly reflected in the quality of the product. In this respect, Grenson’s leather is flawless, and even though there are no embellishments at all, the shoes exude an overwhelming presence. The oak bark outsole is stamped with the iconic “THE TRIPLE WELT. The voluminous triple sole is storm-welted for dustproofing and a unique design. The gap between the casual-like sole and the classy upper is a model that shows a sense of style.

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GRENSON “Plain Toe Curtis

The external-blade plain toe made of high-quality suede leather has a simple design with five eyelets, but the unique look of the suede upper gives it a beauty that will never grow tired of. Suede is also relatively water-resistant, so it can be worn in any weather and environment. From the insole to the outsole, this is a pair with a high degree of perfection that sticks to high-end specifications even in parts that are usually invisible.

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