Introducing the charm and classic models of “HUNTER,” the leader in rain boots.


Introducing the charm and classic models of "HUNTER," the leader in rain boots.

Hunter (HUNTER)” is a brand that boasts high popularity worldwide as a manufacturer of stylish rain boots. The brand features a wide range of lineup that can be coordinated with all kinds of casual scenes and suit styles, not to mention the waterproof properties of natural rubber. It is especially nice that they protect your feet well without compromising fashion even in heavy rain or snowy windy days. In this issue, we introduce the charm of Hunter, the royal road to rain boots!

What is Hunter?

Hunter (HUNTER)” is a brand of rubber boots originating from Scotland. The company specializes in manufacturing products that are highly waterproof and fit the shape of the foot, and when it was first established, its main business was the production of Wellington boots for the British military. Today, the company produces many fashionable boots that are popular as “fashionable rain boots. Many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie and Nicole Richie, have been patronized by the company, and Hunter boots became known worldwide when Kate Moss was caught wearing them at the Glastonbury Festival in England in 2005.


Hunter’s rubber boots that have supported the British foothold since the company’s inception with innovative manufacturing methods.

The North British Rubber Company, founded by Henry Lee Norris in 1856, was the origin of Hunter. An American businessman, Mr. Norris introduced a newly patented vulcanization process for rubber to produce rubber boots and rubber products with strong durability performance. The company’s rubber boots, which protected feet from harsh environments and severe weather, became so popular that the company grew rapidly from a mere four employees in its early days to 600 by the mid-1870s.


Hunter’s boots are so robust that they are used by the British Army.

When World War I broke out in 1914, demand for rubber boots exploded. The Hunter factory received an order from the War Department for sturdy rubber boots to protect the feet of soldiers fighting on the front lines, and the factory operated 24 hours a day to meet this special demand. It is said that 1,185,036 pairs of rubber boots were produced during the war alone. Furthermore, the company also received orders to manufacture rubber boots during World War II, which began in 1939. The brand’s strength as a protective product was highly evaluated. After the war, many people used the rationed boots for work, and Wellington boots became widely known to the general public.


Hunter’s boots have received a Royal Warrant. Royal Warrant”!

In 1956, the ” Original Green Wellington Boot ” was introduced, one of the oldest boots in Hunter’s product line. The distinctive design, based on a shoe shape that took into account the health of the foot and the pursuit of exceptional comfort and fit, has been carried over to the current “Original Boot” series. Having established its position as a high-quality footwear brand, Hunter’s rubber boots were granted a Royal Warrant, a sign of the highest quality, by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1977, followed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1986.


In 1981, the late former Princess Diana of Wales was seen wearing a pair of Hunter rubber boots in a photograph taken during her engagement to Prince Charles. With this, Hunter became a brand loved by the public as a representative British brand in both name and reality.


Rain boots (Wellington boots) originated from ” cavalry riding boots

The history of Wellington boots, the generic name for today’s rubber boots, began in England in the early 19th century. Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, commissioned the creation of riding boots to cover the shins of his cavalrymen, as they often injured their shins while riding. The Hobie family of St. James’s Street, Westminster, London, renowned as shoemakers to royalty, improved upon the decorative Hessian boot to make it more practical. The first Wellington boot, thus completed, became popular among English gentlemen not only as military boots but also as a fashion item with a simple, dandy-like style.


Later, advances in technology led to a change from leather to rubber Wellington boots. Hunter’s Wellington boots, manufactured using a revolutionary rubber sulfurization process, protected the feet of British troops during wartime. Many of the same techniques used then are still employed today, and the shoe mold has remained the same since 1956. The excellent fit and comfort is the result of handcraftsmanship, and Hunter boots are made from as many as 28 different parts.

The seamless rubber and high water resistance is due to the fact that the entire boot body is formed by immersing it in liquid natural rubber. The moustache design and unique uneven sole pattern are traditional features inherited from the original Hunter boots. They are designed not only for fashion but also to fit the shape of the leg perfectly.


Alasdair Willis, Creative Director of Hunter “.

In 2013, Hunter welcomed Alasdair Willis as its new Creative Director.


Alasdair Willis is known as Paul McCartney’s second daughter and husband of fashion designer Stella McCartney. He has had a spectacular career as the publishing director of ‘ Wallpaper,’ a British lifestyle magazine, and as the founder of a brand consultancy company. She presented her first collection for fall/winter 2014 at the London Fashion Week runway show, which attracted a great deal of attention. He is a key figure at the heart of Hunter’s current global expansion.


A collection of rain boots with an extensive men’s line

Hunter’s customers are mostly in their 20s~30s, accounting for 70% of the total customer base. Also, although the brand has a masculine image given its origins, it is also popular among women, as it has been featured as a favorite of many Hollywood actresses in the past few years.
Of course, the men’s line also offers an attractive collection, including its mainstay original boots, as well as side gore boots and jodhpurs that are easy to match with suit styles.
Japan is Hunter’s third largest market after the U.K. and North America, and with the establishment of a Japanese subsidiary, ” Hunter Japan ” in 2015, it is clear that the company is putting a lot of effort into this market.


Hunter’s boots are a must-have item for outdoor activities and festivals

Hunter boots have a high affinity with outdoor events such as rock festivals. The brand has a particularly close relationship with the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K., where many celebrities and personalities have been spotted wearing Hunter boots to the event each year.


Rock festivals are prone to inclement weather. Hunter boots are fashionable and allow for ample enjoyment on the muddy ground. They are sure to come in handy at outdoor camping events such as the ” Fuji Rock Festival” in Japan.


Hunter boots men’s outfits

Hunter boots x Nick Wooster style

Men’s fashion charismatic Nick Wooster is also a Hunter enthusiast. The original black tall boot that ensures protection for the feet and does not look out of place when worn with suit or tailored coat styles. The glossy and beautiful rubber gives the rain boots a dressy look.


Hunter boots x P-coat style

Hunter’s original tall boots are a classic slim silhouette. Wear them with skinny pants and booties in for a sleek, clean look.


Hunter boots x rock style

This style is matched with the rock style of tight sizing that is typical of the British style. A khaki stole in the same color as the boots is wrapped around the neck, where the eye is focused, to create a stylish atmosphere.


hunter chelsea boots in any weather!

The side gore type rubber boots are comfortable and can be worn in any weather. Hunter’s Chelsea boots are characterized by their dark color, even down to the sole. The monotone look is achieved by matching the opposite white pants.



Caring for your Hunter rain boots

Because they are rubber rain boots, Hunter’s boots can be worn for five years, even if they are worn hard everywhere. Of course, they do not require frequent shoe care like leather shoes. However, if you want to keep them looking good and keep them for many years, you will need to take care of them from time to time.
Hunter boots are manufactured with natural rubber, without any synthetic rubber. The sulfidation process using natural rubber provides a comfortable fit, but a characteristic of natural rubber is that if it is left wet for an extended period of time, the surface of the rubber turns white, a phenomenon known as ” blooming. However, the surface of natural rubber can turn white when left wet for an extended period of time, a phenomenon known as “blooming.


Of course, this is not a problem when using the boots, but if they are too white, the design of the Hunter boots will be spoiled. This can be remedied by spraying the boots with genuine Hunter “HUNTER Rubber Buffer” and wiping it off with a soft cloth to restore the original luster.

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Hunter’s classic rainboots!

Hunter ” Original Tall Boots

Hunter’s flagship model and the royal road to rain boots, with functionality and design unchanged since its introduction in 1956; handcrafted with 28 parts for outstanding fitting and comfort. The sole is also notable for its high grip and unevenness, which makes it perfect for both wet and snowy surfaces. The iconic strap and brand logo are also outstanding in design. The brand has established its position as the global standard for boots.


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Hunter ” Original Short Boots

Short length version of the standard model. This model is easy to slip on and off and has excellent functionality. The matte-finished natural rubber creates a unique texture. The heel is approximately 3 cm, creating a smart silhouette despite the short length. The moustache design, which symbolizes the hunter, is placed on the toe portion, and the design is also sufficient.


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Hunter ” Original Dark Sole Chelsea Boots

These side gore type rain boots are easy to put on and take off. The clean, modern design has a unique appearance with rubber panels and pull tabs. The boots are durable and water-resistant, and can be used not only for casual occasions but also for business style. From street wear to outdoor activities, rock festivals, and more, this is a pair with outstanding practicality that can be used in all kinds of situations.


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Hunter ” Original Rubber Rider Boots

A new biker boot style pair for rain boots. It features a design that can be easily incorporated into everyday fashion. The unique strap and adjustable buckle, which are unique to this model, make its presence stand out. The thick outsole and highly cushioned insole also keep the soles from losing body heat on snowy surfaces, which is quite attractive.


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Hunter “Wellesley Jodhpurs Boots

These classically designed jodhpur boots are made of water-repellent leather. The equestrian outsole, said to have been designed for horseback riding, protects against slipping with its unique wavy pattern. While leather boots are rare for hunters, this high-spec model has been fully considered for water repellency and durability.


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Selecting the size of your Hunter rain boots

Hunter’s boots are attractive because they are designed with a silhouette that wraps around the entire foot. Therefore, choosing a size slightly larger than actual is an option. Rain boots in smaller sizes have the drawback that they are more difficult to put on and take off. And if you choose a size that does not take into account the fact that you will be wearing them with booties, you will be bothered by the tightness of the boots. The original Tall Boots feature a tight fit around the ankle, so even if you choose a larger size, they will not be too tight. If you feel uncomfortable in a true-to-size boot, we recommend that you try one size larger.

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