3 ways to make a 19-degree knitwear coordinate look manly.


3 ways to make a 19-degree knitwear coordinate look manly.

The temperature is 19 degrees Celsius, which is not so cold that you need to wear an outer layer, but it often feels chilly if you wear only a T-shirt. A knitwear item that comes in handy on such days is a knit. In this issue, we will introduce three items of interest in coordinating mainly with knitwear, along with three tips for cool outfits for mature men!

Manly Knit Codes ①

A low-gauge, thick sweater that can create a cord with presence just by wearing it. On a day when the temperature is an indescribable 19 degrees Celsius, which makes you feel both hot and cold, a low-gauge sweater with “rolled-up arms” is a great way to create a relaxed look. The soft texture of knitwear and the unique drape created by the volume of low-gauge fabrics add a masculine sexiness and a sense of sophistication to your outfit. Add an elegant and discreet wristwatch and you have an intelligent and sexy adult coordinate.

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The “low-gauge” and “oversized” look with more volume is a cool way to roll up your sleeves!

If you are going to roll up your sleeves, we recommend wearing a “low gauge” sweater with a thicker knit that gives a three-dimensional look, and an “oversized” sweater that falls slightly at the shoulders to increase the volume of the sweater. The three-dimensional effect of the sleeves, which are drawn in by rolling up the arms, gives the silhouette of the outfit a fuller look, and leads a simple coordinate to a stylish impression.

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Manly Knit Coordinates (2)

This is a modern, rough coordination that incorporates a roomy driver’s knit and semi-wide silhouette slacks. The reason why the relaxed silhouette gives an elegant and sophisticated impression is because the entire outfit is in one tone of navy, which gives an intellectual impression, without looking as heavy as black. One-tone coordination has the disadvantage of looking monotonous, but it is easy to pull it off if you try knitwear with a knit expression.

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Double-zip open-front knitwear is perfect for adjusting the temperature and showing off your innerwear!

This open-front knit is just right for wearing over a T-shirt as outerwear. If the temperature is 19 degrees Celsius and you feel a little hot, you can open the front, and if you feel cold, you can close it to keep out the cold. To further raise your fashion deviation level, we recommend you to pay attention to the double-zip design. The double-zipper design allows you to open the bottom side to emphasize the layered inner layer, or adjust the opening of the top and bottom sides to create a more flattering shape at the waist, which will expand the range of your dressing style.

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Manly Knit Coordinates (3)

While all kinds of mix-and-match styles are accepted these days, fashionable men who are half a step ahead are all adopting the tied-up style with non-tailored jackets. While it is good to combine a tied-up shirt with a denim jacket, rider’s jacket, or other rugged outerwear like those of the experts at Pitti Uomo, if you want to lower the bar a bit, try a knit with a jacket face like this one. If you combine them in a monotone color scheme, you can create a smart casual outfit that exudes the sex appeal of a stoic adult.

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The key to success is to choose a jacket-faced knit with a fluffy collar!

There are many types of jacket-faced knits. For example, a thin cardigan with decorative lapels is more suitable for wearing over a crew-neck T-shirt than a tied-up shirt. If you want to wear it with a tied-up shirt, you should choose a knit jacket that is well designed with soft lapels that can be worn as a substitute for a tailored jacket. A mid- to low-gauge, jacket-faced knit with a back collar that hugs the neck is perfect.

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