Pick up the brands whose oversized T-shirts are popular! From iron street to luxury maison brands


Pick up the brands whose oversized T-shirts are popular! From iron street to luxury maison brands

Oversized silhouettes have been popular among T-shirts for the past few years. It is possible to choose a T-shirt in a larger size, but if you want to wear it fashionably, it is better to choose a T-shirt that is designed in an oversized silhouette by the brand in advance. In this issue, we pick up brands that have a reputation for T-shirts designed in such oversized silhouettes!

Simply sizing up is not enough! What you should aim for is a T-shirt designed to be oversized!

The modern way of wearing oversized T-shirts is to choose a model designed in an oversized silhouette in advance rather than simply choosing a size-up garment. This is because most oversized T-shirts these days are designed with horizontally widened shoulders and body, and the length is similar to that of orthodox items, making it easier to balance the silhouette with a variety of pants. This difference in silhouette is a major reason why oversized garments simply sized up may not look as good as they should.

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The brands we will introduce hereafter all offer T-shirts with an oversized design. . We hope you will find them useful in achieving a high-precision, contemporary oversized T-shirt style.

If you are looking for oversized T-shirts, start with the street brands!

When it comes to oversized dressing, the royal road is still street fashion. Let’s start with the hottest brands that originated on the streets!

Oversize T-shirt hot brand “ESSENTIALS

One brand that has contributed greatly to the establishment of the modern oversized style is “ESSENTIALS,” a diffusion line of Fear of god. Their standard T-shirts are wide enough not to pick up the lines of the body in a good sense, and have drop shoulders that create a rounded silhouette, yet the length is not too long and does not look sloppy. If you like street fashion, you can’t go wrong with owning one. Designer Jerry Lorenzo is also known as a vintage collector, which may be the source of inspiration for his designs, and one of the characteristics of his items is that they all have a retro-modern mood. This is a good choice for those who like the texture and silhouette of vintage T-shirts but are not comfortable wearing second-hand clothes.

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Oversize T-shirts of hot brand “JOHN ELLIOTT

JOHN ELLIOTT” is gaining popularity mainly among fashionable people on the street who value quality by developing items with attention to detail. The brand has strength in sweatshirt items and offers a wide range of variations of T-shirts from basic fits to oversized silhouettes. All of them are based on simple styles, and are characterized by a different and sophisticated mood produced by washing and dyeing. Another high point of the brand is that it offers T-shirts made in the USA, which is rare nowadays.

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Oversize T-shirt hot brand ” REPRESENT

Representative” is an up-and-coming brand that was born in London, England, and develops highly sensitive street wear. The T-shirts are basically oversized and range from sophisticated plain designs to vintage-like prints. The lineup ranges from sophisticated plain designs to vintage-like prints. If you like European street fashion with a sophisticated atmosphere, please check them out.

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