Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men


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Elevate Your Style with These 11 Authentic British Leather Shoe Brands for Men

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British leather shoes brand (8) “SANDERS” is one of the few prestigious brands that are allowed to have Queen Elizabeth’s crown engraved on their shoes.

Saunders is a long-established British leather shoe brand founded in Rushden in 1873 by brothers William and Thomas Saunders, and has been a family business for over 140 years. The company’s commitment to the Goodyear welt method is the best among British manufacturers, and most of the parts are made of natural materials. In addition, Saunders is one of the few brands that are not only granted a Royal Warrant but also allowed to have Queen Elizabeth’s crown engraved on their products. In addition to OEM production for such distinguished fashion brands as Gieves & Hawkes, Marcel Lassens, A.P.C., and Ralph Lauren, the company also supplies leather shoes to the British Ministry of Defense. Saunders’ shoes are used in more than 30 countries, and the company made a full-scale entry into Japan in 2006.

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SANDERS Military Derby Shoes

The “military derby shoes” with straight tips and external blades are the most popular among SANDERS’ products. The most notable feature of this model is the toe detail. Unlike the general straight tip, which has a line drawn with two stitches, the toe of the Military Derby Shoe has three lines of stitching. This design shows the military roots of the Saunders tradition and creates a different atmosphere from other leather shoes. It creates a casual impression and a not-too-casual atmosphere.

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SANDERS Military Officer Shoes

The “Military Officer’s Shoe” is a plain toe with outside wings. Compared to the Military Derby Shoes, this pair is more orthodox, as it does not have the three-stitching that is unique to Sanders. However, the polished calf upper and all-around Goodyear welt construction are still present. They are a gem of quality and functionality.

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SANDERS High Top Chukka

The “Hi-Top Chukka” is a chukka boot famous for adorning the feet of James Bond in the movie “Spectre. The Mudguard model, the prototype of the Hi-Top Chukka, is a masterpiece among masterpieces, and is said to have been worn by American actor Steve McQueen in both his private and public life. The sole of such high-top chukkas uses the ” Mudguard method ” for sole attachment. As the name suggests, this manufacturing method was created to keep mud away from the sole, and by attaching thin rubber to the gap between the upper and sole, which can be considered a weak point of the shoe, the gap is strengthened. This process prevents mud and moisture from penetrating the sole and gives the shoe a unique look. The thick rubber outsole also provides good cushioning.

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