Shirt Jacket Cordage Men’s Special! Featured outfits expressing light layering & recommended items!


Shirt Jacket Cordage Men's Special! Featured outfits expressing light layering & recommended items!

Lighter than a jacket and more flexible in design than a shirt, the shirt jacket is a useful piece of clothing for the transitional period between the morning and evening, when the temperature changes markedly between the day and night. Depending on the choice, they can be worn either beautifully or roughly, and as an item that retains the design of a shirt while strengthening its character as outerwear, it is ideal for a more “mass-produced” styling. In this issue, we focus on the “shirt jacket” and introduce some of the most popular outfits and recommended items!

The Shirt Jacket is as good as a shirt as it is a jacket!

Shirt jacket” is a generic term for a jacket made of a thin, shirt-like fabric. Various types of shirt jackets are available, ranging from coveralls with a straight box silhouette, as used in mass-production-oriented workwear, to elegant models that are more lightly tailored than tailored jackets. For example, Lardini is currently offering an interesting shirt jacket with a tailored collar and shirt cuffs on the sleeves. Shirt jackets are an item with a high degree of freedom in style, so it is recommended that you search until you find your favorite.

Shirt jackets are basically tailored in a single piece with no lining. There is no need to worry about the lining sticking to your shirt when you sweat. It can be worn over a T-shirt, wrapped around the waist or hung over the shoulder during warmer days as an accent, and is especially useful during the season when the temperature varies from day to night.

Next, we will introduce some of the most popular coordinates and recommended items using this type of shirt jacket!

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