Denim Pants Men’s Special! From royal jeans to classy denisura all in one place!


Denim Pants Men's Special! From royal jeans to classy denisura all in one place!

While there are many items that can upgrade your masculinity, denim pants cannot be ignored. While there is no end to the unique texture of denim and the “flavor” that develops over time, there is no doubt that denim pants reign supreme as an indispensable part of men’s fashion. One of the charms of denim pants is that they have evolved over the years depending on the purpose and means of use, and many different variations are available. This time, we will focus on such “denim pants” and introduce examples of how to wear them as well as items of note!

(1) Two strong silhouette jeans are a must-have for men!

Jeans are an item loved all over the world. Because of this, many shapes and designs have been created, but the two most popular silhouettes that cannot be missed are the straight and tapered styles. The classic straight type has a rugged appearance that clearly asserts its history as workwear, while the tapered type has a sleek, clean look that is a staple in adult coordination. From traditional denim brands to specialized pants makers pursuing beautiful silhouettes, you are sure to find a pair of jeans that suits you, as they have established a royal position in the market.

If you want royal straight jeans, this is the one! (1) “Levi’s 501 Straight Denim,” the masterpiece that has led the jeans industry in every era.

Levi’s 501, the origin and pinnacle of jeans, has been loved around the world since its birth in 1873, and this straight model is generally considered to be the basic shape of jeans. While being the originator of jeans, they have evolved with the development of technology, and the fact that the details, silhouette, and color fading differ depending on the age is a point that tickles men’s hearts. Originally, jeans were born as work wear, but nowadays, slim and sophisticated models are also available, making it easy to match them with beautiful coordinates.

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If you want straight jeans, this is the one! (2) Authentic jeans perfect for hard-core men ” Lee 101 Straight Denim

From Lee, the gold standard in the jeans industry, we introduce the royal straight denim “101. Known as the world’s first zip-fly pants, the 101 is a model that gained popularity as the favorite denim of James Dean, the silver screen star of yesteryear, for both his public and private life. While most denim brands use right twill weave fabric, Lee uses left twill weave, which makes the fabric easy to blend in. One of the appeals of these jeans is that you can enjoy beautiful color fading, known as “line fading. We recommend these jeans to those who want to develop their own unique jeans.

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