8 black sweatpants for men! Recommended items along with ideas for wearing them in season!


8 black sweatpants for men! Recommended items along with ideas for wearing them in season!

These black sweatpants can be worn with everything from colorful tops to monotone coordinates. They also go well with New Balance and other sneakers with a voluminous shape, as well as sandals for a loose look, and can be worn in spring, summer, fall, and winter. This time, we will focus on such black sweatpants and introduce men’s coordinates of interest!

Loose-fitting black sweatpants are hot for a trend-conscious coordinate!

First, we pick up Mr. Post Malone’s coordination, which seems to reflect the current mood. He is wearing a graphic oversized T-shirt and black sweatpants with a loose silhouette, with Birkenstock Arizona shoes on his feet. While the overall choice of items is relaxed, as is typical of seasonal street fashion, the simple white cap and sandals create a sense of comfort that keeps the look from being too heavy. The choice of quality items such as Balenciaga sweatpants and leather sandals is also a nice balance of relaxed and not too dull.

Balenciaga Political Logo Sweatpants

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If you’re in the market for black sweatpants, look out for the keyword “lounge pants”!

Sweat pants have been attracting attention as a trendy item. Among them, items under the name of “lounge pants” have been gaining momentum this season. Lounge pants are pants with a loose-fitting silhouette. The belt portion is elastic or has a drawcord specification, making them relaxing to wear. In recent years, models with a more open look that omit the elastic at the hems and have a flared silhouette have become popular. As shown in the coordination here, the hem can be worn over voluminous high-cut sneakers for an instantly trend-conscious look.

RICK OWENS DRKSHDW Black cotton lounge pants

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Choose tapered silhouette black sweatpants to highlight your favorite sneakers!

Sweat pants go well with sneakers. Sweatpants with a tapered silhouette that stands out at the feet are especially good candidates for coordinating with your favorite sneakers as the star of your outfit. Black sweatpants, which do not make a statement, for better or worse, make the sneakers stand out even more.

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS City Slicker Sweatpants

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Spice up your black sweatpants and black hoodie getup with socks!

The charm of the black sweatshirt is that it can create an urban impression in an effortless sweatshirt set-up style. However, it is not uncommon for the black top and bottom to look too stoic and lack monotonous. In such cases, it is best to spice up the look with socks. As shown in this coordination, you can achieve a different set-up coordinate by showing off the design socks from the feet of the black sweatpants.

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