What are 6 common sense practices that should be practiced before caring for leather shoes?


What are 6 common sense practices that should be practiced before caring for leather shoes?

Polishing and other maintenance are unavoidable to keep your precious leather shoes for a long time. It is good to maintain them diligently, but there are some points that should be taken care of on a daily basis before that. In this issue, we will introduce some points that you should pay attention to on a daily basis when wearing leather shoes!

Points to keep in mind before taking care of your leather shoes (1) “Re-tie your shoelaces each time you put them on to avoid unnecessary damage to your shoes!

Shoe laces play a role in adjusting the fit of shoes. Although it may seem annoying at times, retying the laces every time you put on your leather shoes is the most basic of basics. If you take your shoes on and off with the laces tightened, the force is not distributed and the load is placed on the eyelets and shoe tongue, which can cause damage and loss of shape. If you want to make your favorite leather shoes last longer, do these little things before taking care of them. The fit of your shoes will change depending on the swelling of your feet on different days, so it is important to re-tie your shoelaces each time to prevent shoe sores and other injuries.

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