10 talented polo shirts that offer a glimpse of The North Face’s commitment to quality.


10 talented polo shirts that offer a glimpse of The North Face's commitment to quality.

This time, we focus on polo shirts from “THE NORTH FACE. We will look at the appeal of these excellent polo shirts, which combine the high functionality and simple looks of a full-fledged outdoor brand.

What are the roots of the polo shirt?

Let’s take a look at the “polo shirt,” a classic fashion item. The polo shirt has a long history and is said to have started as tennis wear in 1927. In the beginning, tennis was played with formal long-sleeved shirts like today’s shirts, which made it difficult to move around. Attention then turned to shirts with excellent water absorbency and elasticity, which were worn in “polo,” a team sport played on horseback. Originally a crew-neck shirt, it is said that the prototype of today’s polo shirt was born when a collar was added to make it look like tennis wear, a gentleman’s sport. Many items are made of cotton, which absorbs and releases moisture, and polyester, which has elasticity, giving a clean look while providing comfort. Today, they are accepted as a cool biz item and have become an indispensable item in men’s fashion.

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Good points of “THE NORTH FACE” polo shirts

Polo shirts are available from various brands, but what is the reason for choosing “THE NORTH FACE” polo shirts? It is the ” high degree of perfection ” that incorporates the functionality unique to a full-fledged outdoor brand. And the “simple look” that is easy to incorporate into your daily outfits. Since relatively few people wear outdoor brand polo shirts, it is nice to be able to create a different polo shirt style from the ordinary styling that tends to be the norm. It is no exaggeration to say that polo shirts are a must-have for men, as they can be worn from on to off and can be worn alone in hot weather or as innerwear when the weather turns cold.

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