Lock in Your Style All Day Long: The Ultimate Guide to Using Hairspray for Men’s Hairstyles


Lock in Your Style All Day Long: The Ultimate Guide to Using Hairspray for Men's Hairstyles

Hairspray is an indispensable styling agent to keep the set hairstyle in place for a long time. By choosing the right hairspray for you and using it correctly according to your purpose, you can keep your ideal hairstyle in place all day long. In this issue, we focus on “hairspray” and introduce the correct usage and recommended items!

Hairspray is essential for men to keep their hairstyle in place all day long!

Unless it is right after a cut or perm, it is often the case that a hairstyle styled with wax in the morning does not stay in place all day and becomes limp with time. Wax is an oil-based styling product, so hair that has been softly lifted will crumble over time due to the weight of the oil, and will also fall apart due to humidity, perspiration, and wind. If wax is applied over and over in an attempt to restore the broken hairstyle, it will mix with the oil and dirt on the scalp, making it even heavier and counterproductive. In such cases, hairspray should be used in conjunction with wax. Spraying on a finishing touch of styling will keep your hairstyle in place for an extended period of time.

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Learn how to use hairspray correctly!

(1) When spraying hairspray, spray evenly over the entire area about 20 cm away from the sprayer.

When using hairspray, the theory is to shake it well and spray it about 20cm away from the hairspray. Be careful not to spray too close to the hairspray, as this will result in an uneven distribution. Basically, hairspray has a wide spray port to diffuse the spray, so if you spray from a distance, you can spray evenly on your hair. The key is to spray the entire hair, paying particular attention to the outline. By spraying evenly throughout the hair, it is possible to keep hair in place not only when standing up, but also when flowing to the side. It is important to avoid touching the spray after it dries. Running your hands through your hair after it has dried can cause flaking, which can lead to a redo of the styling.


(2) Use a partial spray to keep your hair in place in areas that tend to fall down.

Partial use of hairspray is effective for areas that tend to collapse such as the top and back of the head. The top of the head is particularly vulnerable to collapse, and even if wax is used to lift the hair, the weight of the wax will cause the hair to fall down. To keep the hair in place for a long time, lift the hair bunches at the top and apply the spray. It is best to spray the spray somewhat close to the hair so that the spray does not stick to areas other than the targeted area. However, be careful not to spray the scalp when spraying close to the hair bundle. The trick is to hold the lifted hair bundle until the spray dries to create a shape.


(3) When setting bangs, apply hairspray to fingertips and pinch!

When setting bangs, if too much wax is applied, the oil content will adversely affect the clumping, so it is recommended to lightly wax to create a shape and hold with a spray. When setting bangs, be careful not to spray directly. Spraying directly on the forehead can cause skin irritation. The trick is not to spray directly, but to spray your fingertips and lightly pinch the bangs with your fingers. By using fingertips to apply the spray, it is possible to create hair bunches while maintaining the natural texture of the hair more reliably.

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Hairsprays are classified into super-hard, hard, and soft according to their holding power. Use a super-hard type for a firm hold and a soft type for a natural, soft texture, depending on your hair style. Next, we will introduce some recommended hair sprays for men!

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