Discover the Timeless Charm of Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair for You


Discover the Timeless Charm of Ray-Ban's Clubmaster: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair for You

Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster is one of the most iconic models of thermont sunglasses. This model has been used in many famous movies and gives the wearer an intellectual atmosphere. This time, we focus on Ray-Ban’s “Clubmaster” and introduce its charm and recommended models!

Ray-Ban, the world’s leading sunglasses brand ” Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban’s roots are in the ” Bausch & Lomb Optical Company,” which was founded in the United States in 1937. The history of Ray-Ban began when Lieutenant John McCready of the Army Air Corps asked Bausch & Lomb to develop sunglasses for him after suffering from eye fatigue, vision loss, and headaches caused by the sun’s rays while flying. It took six years for Bausch + Lomb to develop sunglasses that both “protected the eyes from ultraviolet rays” and “ensured visibility. Since then, the company has developed a series of high-quality sunglasses based on the belief that “sunglasses cannot be called sunglasses unless they protect the eyes optically,” as the brand names “Ray” (light) and “Ban” (block) suggest. Today, the brand is loved worldwide as a representative sunglass brand.

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What is Ray-Ban’s signature thermont sunglasses “Clubmaster”?

Ray-Ban’s famous “Clubmaster” sunglasses were created in 1986. With its thermonto shape, it was an instant hit and became a long-selling model along with iconic sunglasses such as Wayfarer and Aviator. The Clubmaster has been featured in numerous films, including “JFK,” “Malcolm X,” and “Ripley,” and has become a staple item today due to its unique style and authentic Ray-Ban quality.

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