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2024 Newest ] 9 Suggestions for Stylish Knitwear Codes


2024 Newest ] 9 Suggestions for Stylish Knitwear Codes

In this issue, we will introduce 9 fashionable ways to dress stylishly with the theme of ” Knit Codes ” to be focused on in 2024!

2024 Latest Knit Codes (1)Show off your subtle fashion sensitivity with 'slightly oversized knits'

The long-running oversized boom has subsided, and the mood is gradually returning to a more appropriate size silhouette. 2024. In 2024, it will be easier to achieve a highly sensitive coordination if knitwear is mainly ” slightly oversized ” to the extent that the shoulder line falls slightly. For bottoms, tapered skirts or wide straight silhouettes are in vogue right now.

Street style. spring/summer 2024. zack lugo

Editor Tachibana
Oversize is one word, but standards differ from brand to brand, and there must be many people who do not have a clear idea of what “slightly oversized” means. Personally, I think that a slightly oversized balance is one in which the line between the shoulders and sleeves falls to about halfway up the deltoid muscles. Oversized clothes like the one in the snap below, where the shoulder line reaches halfway up the arms, is a cool fashion style, but I don’t think it is a style that will be accepted by everyone in this day and age.

men ss 2024 / paris / street fashion / paris street day 2 /

Slightly oversized knit recommended ” SOVEREIGN Smooth Crew Neck Knit

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2024 Latest Knit Coordinate Techniques (2)

“Red” has been a trending color since 2023. The popularity of “red knits” is one of the most popular items, and Google Trends shows that the popularity trend has been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2023. Keeps. Red knitwear may seem difficult to wear, but it looks smart when worn with achromatic pants such as black pants and gray slacks, as shown in the coordination below, so if you are interested in wearing red knitwear, please give it a try.

Editor Tachibana
Red has been used in many of the original colors of classic sneakers, including Nike’s Air Jordan 1, Adidas’ indoor Gazelle, and Reebok’s Pump Fury. Many other patterns, such as Fraser tartan, hunting check, and buffalo check, also use red. It is interesting to try to coordinate red knitwear with the color schemes of such modern-day staples.

Recommended red knit ” GENTLEMAN PROJECTS The Wooster Sweater

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2024 Latest Knit Coordinate Techniques (3)Differentiate yourself with a cardigan that can be worn like a jacket

Wear over a T-shirt Cardigans” are easy to use as outerwear. Cardigans with lapel designs that can be worn like jackets are especially recommended for men living in today’s dress-casual world. If you prefer a men’s look that accentuates the charm of a mature adult like James Bond, the shawl-collar type jacket-type cardigan is the one for you. This is the one to aim for.

Click here for more details of the knitwear worn by the model

For a cardigan with a basic design, choose a ” slightly oversized ” cardigan like the one shown in Cordage Technique (1), which is easy to use like a jacket. High-gauge cardigans with a smooth, shiny look can be used as innerwear for jackets. Although not a conspicuous item, it is sure to come in handy as a key item that plays a “behind-the-scenes” role in broadening the range of styling options.

Click here for more details of the knitwear worn by the model

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2024 Latest Knit CoordinatesLike a sophisticated Tilden knit! Wide V-neck sweater

If you are looking for a sweater with a twist that is a little different from the basics this year, we recommend a V-neck sweater with a wide collar width. While the specifications are reminiscent of Tilden knitwear, the same colors give it a sophisticated feel, so there is nothing drab about it. With a modest V-neck that has a modest depth at the front, you can enjoy a wide range of outfits, from layering it with a T-shirt to using it as a stand-alone item.

Click here for more details of the knit worn by the model

Editor Tachibana
V-neck tops, such as tilden knits and field hockey shirts, are one of the items that, although not a major trend wave, are gaining attention among highly sensitive fashionable people. One of the reasons why they are attracting attention is that they can be worn in a variety of ways, such as with a necklace for a different look from a round-neck sweater, or with a crew-neck T-shirt for a more relaxed look.

2024 Latest Knit Coordinate Techniques (5)Renew the look of your coordinate with 'cable knit'

If you want to renew the look of your coordinate with a single knit, ” cable knit” is a strong choice. An authentic design carefully knitted by hand is a good choice, or a well-designed sweater with an original knitting pattern that renews the impression of cable knit knitwear. The standard color for cable knits is off-white with a hint of raw silk, but dark tones such as black and charcoal are the best choice if you want to create a city look.

Click here for more details of the knit worn by the model

Editor Tachibana
Authentic fisherman’s knitwear, such as those found in thrift stores, may look attractive on their own because of their reasonable prices, but when you try them on, you get the impression that many of them are somewhat regrettable, with arms that are too thick and make the wearer look dowdy, or are too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. It would be a shame to buy a cable knit only to have it end up in your closet without being worn much. The cable knit is an item that gives a sense of presence to your coordinate just by wearing it, is not easily influenced by trends, and can be worn for a long time, so even if you have to spend a little more, it is recommended that you choose a modernized version developed by a trusted brand.

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2024 Latest Knit Codes ⑥The new candidate for spring outerwear, the knit blouson, is an option

Knitwear as spring outerwear Knitwear as spring outerwear. By choosing knitwear with an outerwear design that is different from the standard ” sweaters ” and ” cardigans “, you can achieve a coordinated look that differentiates you from those around you. For example, this knit blouson is knitted with the maximum degree of stitching to give it a thickness appropriate for outerwear. The collar is firm enough to stand up firmly, so just by wearing it over a T-shirt, a spring coordinate with a sense of presence can be completed. Also, this type of knit outerwear does not wrinkle easily, so you can easily carry it in your hand during the daytime when the temperature is high, and put it on in the evening when the temperature drops.

Click here for more details on the knit worn by the model

2024 Latest Knit Coordinating Techniques (7)Breaking out of a simple coordinating rut with an argyle-patterned knit

This year, when adults are looking to add an accent to their knitwear outfits, we recommend choosing a knit with an argyle pattern. The argyle pattern is said to have originated in the Argyll region of Scotland and was derived from tartan checks. LOEWE’s spring/summer collection features knitwear with an argyle pattern, which is attracting attention from fashion-conscious consumers.

Street style. spring/summer 2024. josh o’connor

Editor Tachibana
The argyle pattern has a history of being used as the corporate identity of Burlington Industries, an American textile company founded in 1923. Because of this background, I personally feel that argyle knitwear gives a sense of both British and American “character” when worn in coordinated outfits. I think it would be interesting to try to coordinate your outfits with the above historical backgrounds in mind. For example, wear a pair of leather shoes with a sense of solidity that is uniquely British, such as Church’s with their protruding heels, Levi’s jeans made in the U.S.A., and an argyle-patterned knit top as the main look. This is a slightly maniacal and third-party style of dressing, but if successful, it will create an original and unique look that will make even the most seasoned fashion expert gasp.

Recommended argyle knit ” glamb jester pullover knit

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2024 Latest Knit Coordinate Techniques (8)

Polo shirt-type collared knits can add a slightly retro atmosphere to your outfits. It can be used as a stand-alone item or as an inner layer for outerwear. It is not as sporty as a polo shirt, which is made of a polo material, and can be worn with a different style from a round-necked sweater. The short-sleeved type is recommended for use during the spring and summer seasons, while the long-sleeved type is recommended for use over the three seasons other than summer.

Street style: Spring/Summer 2024. Mergim Shabani

Our Legacy Ribbed Knit Sweater “, a recommended knit with a collar.

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2024 Latest Knit Coordinate Techniques ⑨Driver's Knit

The driver’s knit, derived from the knit worn by truck drivers, is gradually establishing itself as a standard It is a type of knitwear that is gradually establishing itself as a standard. It is characterized by a double-zip front zipper for ease of use in the car, a warm-weather stand-up collar, and a sophisticated design that minimizes pockets and unnecessary decorations so as not to hinder movement. Since it is widely known as a standard item of ” Maison Margiela ” in the present age, you will feel a mode atmosphere when you incorporate it into your outfits. Since the silhouette tends to look long and narrow, straight or tapered pants are a good match.

Click here for more details on the knit worn by the model

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