Khaki suit coordinate special! Introducing a selection of cool men’s outfits


Khaki suit coordinate special! Introducing a selection of cool men's outfits

Of course you have suits in standard colors such as navy and gray, but if you want to try a suit in a fresh color… why not consider a khaki suit? By daring to incorporate this military-style color into your dress wear, you will surely be able to create a sophisticated atmosphere. In this issue, we focus on well-dressed people who wear khaki suits in cool outfits, and introduce you to some of the most noteworthy outfits!

Choose a color closer to gray to blend the khaki suit into your business style

Many people want to wear khaki suits, but feel that the strong green color is a bit too much for their business style. The basics of suits in business are navy and gray, and other colors tend to be avoided. If this is the case, we recommend choosing a khaki suit with a color similar to gray, as shown in this styling. Although it looks like a gray suit at a glance, the slight khaki coloring creates a sophisticated mood.

This khaki suit coordinate uses a neckerchief to resolve the lack of a neckline, which is common in suit and T-shirt outfits!

Layer a white T-shirt over a khaki suit for a refreshing coordination. Unlike a shirt, a T-shirt worn with a suit cannot be tied up, which can leave the neck area looking unsatisfied. In such cases, try wrapping a bandana or neckerchief around your neck to add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

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