Church’s ” Rider (RYDER) ” is synonymous with Bond’s casual shoes!


Church's " Rider (RYDER) " is synonymous with Bond's casual shoes!

Church’s has produced many classic British dress shoes, and the “Rider” chukka boot is one of its masterpieces that can be easily matched with off-duty fashion and dress-down style. In the movie “Quantum of Solace,” James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, wears the RYDER 3 with his casual style throughout the movie. In this issue, we focus on Church’s “Rider” and introduce its charm!

Church’s” is a long-established leather shoes brand in England that is also the official supplier of James Bond of 007!

Church was founded in 1873 in Northampton, a town famous for its shoemaking. In 1965, the brand received a visit from Queen Elizabeth II and was honored with the highest honor of the British industry, the “Rider 3”. Since its acquisition by Prada in 2000, the company has expanded its lineup to include stylish, fashion-conscious products in addition to its traditional, high-quality British shoes.

Church’s leather shoes, which take eight weeks per pair and undergo a total of 250 processes, are characterized by excellent durability and comfort that grows on the wearer’s feet as they wear them. The honest craftsmanship of Church’s shoes has established an unshakeable position as the orthodox British shoe. The company has also provided James Bond with a number of leather shoes, including the Rider, Diplomat, and Phillip, for the 007 series of movies set in the UK. The brand is still a prestigious brand that takes the high road, and is loved by gentlemen all over the world.

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