What are the 8 charms of Paraboot’s cozy loafer “REIMS”?


What are the 8 charms of Paraboot's cozy loafer "REIMS"?

The “REIMS” by Paraboot is a pair of coin loafers with various charms not found in other coin loafers. The thick moccasins derived from Tyrolean shoes and the thick-soled sole that looks like a boot are different from those of ordinary loafers, making them useful in any season. In this issue, we focus on Paraboot’s ” Lance ” and introduce its eight charms!

Paraboot” was the first company in the world to develop rubber soles for leather shoes.

Paraboot is a French shoe brand founded in 1908. In 1926, when Mr. Ponvert traveled to the U.S., he developed rubber-soled shoes inspired by the rubber boots worn by Americans. He became the first brand to adopt rubber soles for leather shoes. The brand name “Paraboot” comes from the fact that natural latex, a rubber material, was imported from the port of Para in Brazil.

Paraboot shoes made completely in-house with over 150 processes.

Paraboot, the creator of rubber soles, still manufactures its own soles. The soles, made from 100% natural latex using a unique rubber synthesis process, are still going strong 100 years after their birth. Although there are many leather shoe brands around the world, Paraboot is the only one that manufactures its own outsoles from the raw material stage. Their robustness and practicality are such that they are designated as military shoes by the French Navy. The company has developed rubber soles that maximize the appeal of its shoes, such as the “PARA-TEX” rubber sole for the “Chambord” U-tip, which is very popular in Japan, and the “MARCHE II” rubber sole for the “MICHAEL” and “Lance” loafers, which are popular in France.

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Of course, the company is also proud of its top-class technology in manufacturing other than soles. By making full use of the Norwegian manufacturing method, which is a manufacturing method derived from mountaineering shoes, the company has achieved overwhelming durability and robustness. The use of oil-rich squirrel leather for the upper is also unique to Paraboot. The manufacturing method has been inherited unchanged since the 1900s, and there are more than 150 processes involved in the creation of a single pair of shoes. A total of 200 craftsmen make 350,000 pairs of shoes a year at two factories in France, in Izaud and Huret.

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