Casual outfits with leather shoes! Mature look men’s outfits & items!


Casual outfits with leather shoes! Mature look men's outfits & items!

While dress styles are becoming more casual, the use of leather shoes in casual outfits is attracting more attention these days. While it is possible to create an elegant and mature style, there are many people who feel it is difficult to incorporate leather shoes into casual outfits because of the difference in taste between the outfit and the footwear. In this issue, we pick up the most notable outfits and items under the theme of “leather shoes to match with casual outfits!

Sneakers are on the verge of a boom! Men’s coordination of casual style with leather shoes is a hot trend!

The unprecedented sneaker boom has begun to slow down in recent years. Although sneaker coordination is still the mainstream, it seems that fashionable people are beginning to pay attention to leather shoes as their next move. At the most recent Pitti Uomo, leather shoes were seen on the feet of suits and jackets, as well as with casual outfits by fashionable people. If you are tired of wearing sneakers or want to add freshness to your casual outfits, why don’t you try leather shoes?

Leather shoes come in a wide variety of styles, from formal shoes that match tuxedo styles to rugged models that match country tastes. In the next section, we will pick up five recommended leather shoes that fit just right for casual styles.

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