3 criteria for deciding which tie to wear with a navy suit & the hottest men’s coordinates!


3 criteria for deciding which tie to wear with a navy suit & the hottest men's coordinates!

Navy suits” are indispensable for businesspeople. It is no exaggeration to say that every man on the front lines of business must have at least one suit, so the choice of tie to match is an important factor as a means of expressing one’s sense of coordination. In this issue, we will introduce the 3 criteria for judging which tie to pair with a navy suit, along with the latest coordinating styles that are getting a lot of attention!

Criteria for judging a tie to match a navy suit (1) “Control the impression by matching the color of the suit and tie.

Navy suits give a variety of impressions depending on the tone, pattern, and tailoring. The color of the tie should also be strategically matched to the color of the navy suit. If you are conscious of the color combination of your suit and tie, you can freely control the impression you give and the variations in your coordination.

If the first priority is to create an impression of sincerity, go stoic with navy and navy.

A standard combination that creates a sophisticated, calm, and mature atmosphere is a navy suit and navy tie, a combination of similar colors. The blue tones create a cohesive color combination that accentuates the image of a fearless man with a stylish look. James Bond, 007, who is the object of every man’s admiration, uses this style, so be sure to take a look at it as a reference. The key to avoiding a monotonous look is to subtly shift the tone of the navy blue of the two suits.

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Atto Vannucci navy tie

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If you are invited as a guest to a wedding, set up a silver tie

A plain navy suit is worn with a white shirt and silver tie. Silver-based ties are considered a common dress code at Japanese weddings, so if you are attending the ceremony from the reception, you should choose such a design. Since there is no formal dress code for the after-party, black, dark blue, navy, gray, and other colors that are not overly flashy, and sometimes patterns can be used to add a touch of sophistication.

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LUIGI BORRELLI Satin Silver Necktie

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A navy suit and brown tie by “Azzurro e Marrone,” the go-to for Italian fashionistas, will give you a sophisticated look!

One color combination that can make a navy suit coordinate look stylish and sophisticated is the Azzurro e Marrone with a brown tie. The combination of noble blue (AZZURRO) and glossy brown (MARRONE) creates a contrast, but at the same time, it is a perfect match to create an elegant and sexy look.

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The navy styling and red tie will spice up your V-zone with a strong impression!

A cold navy suit is paired with a warm red tie to spice up the look with a touch of color. With this regimental striped tie in navy and red, there is no need to worry about being conspicuous.

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STEFANO BIGI silk striped tie

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