Thick and tough! 11 heavyweight T-shirts over 8oz that can be used for a long time


Thick and tough! 11 heavyweight T-shirts over 8oz that can be used for a long time

T-shirts are used in all seasons, and you want to find a tough T-shirt that you can wear for a long time and enjoy its texture. This time, we focus on super heavyweight T-shirts over 8 ounces that can fulfill such a demand, and introduce recommended models that become more durable the more you wear them!

What is the “oz” often seen on T-shirts?

When purchasing T-shirts, “oz” is often used. Originally, it was used as a unit to express weight in the yard-pound system, and is commonly used in the U.S. and the U.K. In Japan, it is not so familiar, but it is used to express the weight of a garment. Although not so familiar in Japan, it is often used for T-shirts and imported denim, etc. One ounce corresponds to a weight of about 28.35 g. The higher the ounce number, the thicker the fabric, and the heavier the weight, the heavier the weight. The higher the ounce number, the thicker the fabric, and the heavier the weight of the T-shirt. T-shirts 8 ounces and above are super heavyweight, often used for sweatshirts and hoodies. The appeal of T-shirts is that you can choose according to your needs and enjoy a variety of atmospheres.

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What is the appeal of heavyweight T-shirts?

The 8 oz. or larger model introduced here is classified as a super heavyweight. The advantage of heavyweight T-shirts is their toughness. Since they are quite thick, they are resistant to sagging even after washing, making them great for heavy duty use. In addition, it prevents transparency, which tends to occur with white T-shirts, and it does not pick up the lines of the body, so it can be worn alone and looks great. It has a tough look with an American taste and presence, and can easily fit in with American casual and street styles. Just one T-shirt that can be worn hard will expand the range of your outfits.

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11 heavyweight T-shirts over 8 ounces!

T-shirts are classified as heavyweight at 5 ounces or more. This time, we picked up super-thick T-shirts of 8 ounces or more, which are even heavier. Wearing one of these T-shirts, which give you a sense of luxury, will surely elevate even the simplest of styles.

Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model over 8 ounces (1) “Champion “Reverse Weave® S/S C/N SWEAT SHIRTS

The T-shirt appeared from “Champion” that is a sportswear brand representing the U.S. is a considerably thick T-shirt that adopts 10 ounces that is also used for sweatshirts, etc. By using 100% cotton of the back hair (back pile) like a towel fabric though it is thick, it is tough and light. The T is made of 100% cotton with a thick yet towel-like pile backing, making it tough yet lightweight and soft to the touch. The cut sleeves and drop-shoulder silhouette add a modern element to this simple T-shirt. The brand logo is embroidered on the chest and sleeves to show off the Champion style.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model over 8oz. 2 “CAMBER “#302 8oz Heavyweight Short-Sleeved Pocket T-Shirt

The T-shirts from “CAMBER”, which continues to stick to MADE IN USA and produce tough wear, are items that boast a thickness of 8 ounces. It is made of durable USA cotton and has a unique dry feeling, and the tightly woven material makes it hard for the skin to see through. The taping reinforcement from the neck to the shoulders, where the fabric tends to stretch easily, is a consideration that only Camber, which has worked on student uniforms, could have made. With pockets that subtly add a point of interest and a variety of colors, this is a model you will want to have in your collection in a number of different colors.

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Why are CAMBER T-shirts so popular?

Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (3) “GENTLEMAN PROJECTS “12.8oz VENICE”” over 8oz

GENTLEMAN PROJECTS’ “VENICE” is made of 12.8 oz. cotton fabric, which boasts the greatest thickness among T-shirts. It is characterized by its robust yet elegant appearance due to the use of a knitting method called “plaiting knitting,” which finishes the surface of the fabric with a beautifully finished grain. The chest pocket is an original design inspired by the bulka pockets of tailored jackets, and it has a highly practical finish with an inside pocket for sunglasses. It can be coordinated with other T-shirts.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (4): United Athle “9.1oz Magnum Weight Big Silhouette T-Shirt” (over 8oz)

This American-style piece, which combines the super-thickness of 9.1 oz. with a big silhouette, is an item from “United Athle,” which has 160 product numbers of T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. It has a bouncy feel and is smooth to the touch. The material has a crisp feel with a firmness that is light on the skin, making it comfortable to wear even though it is thick. It features an American fabric knitted with open-ended twin yarns that are resistant to washing and extremely thick. The big silhouette is incorporated into this item for a modern look. The coarse stitching gives it a classical impression, which is also attractive.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (5): Good On “Short Sleeve Heavy Raglan Pocket T-Shirt

Good On” is an American casual brand founded in 1997 that focuses on USA cotton. This raglan T-shirt with pockets adds casualness and boasts a thickness of 9 ounces. The thickness is like that of a thin sweatshirt, but with solid sewing and raglan sleeves that make it easy to move the shoulders, making it comfortable to wear despite its thickness. This model also features side vents at the hem and long tails that are unique to this model, giving it a casual yet relaxed and clean look. The purchase rate is high among Goodon customers, and many of them wear multiple pieces. The lineup includes a variety of color variations, such as reaction-dyed models that fix colors through a chemical reaction and pigment-dyed models that create a tasteful texture, making it easy to find a favorite.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (6): “Fruit of the Loom 8.8oz Plain T-Shirt

Fruit Of The Loom” based in Kentucky, U.S.A., is a long-established apparel brand that boasts a history of more than 150 years since its birth and has long been renowned as a basic item for Americans. This simple plain T is made of thick 8.8-ounce material, and while it is thick, it is 100% cotton, making it comfortable to wear. The dry texture is reminiscent of US cotton, and the sleeves are comfortable and loose-fitting.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (7): “BEAUTY & YOUTH “BY 10oz Heavy Wide T-shirt

A heavyweight T-shirt is also available from “BEAUTY & YOUTH,” the label of the popular select store “UNITED ARROWS. The outer fabric is made of thick open-ended yarn and the lining is made of fine slub yarn, and the two yarns are pulled in at the same time for a tightly knitted, firm texture. You can enjoy a slightly expressive and uneven texture. It has a thick but dry touch, making it ideal for summer. The beautiful silhouette of this model is unique to Beauty & Youth, which is wide but not too loose. The navy and white name tag adds a special touch.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (8): “SHIPS any special order “LOS ANGELES APPAREL: 8.5oz heavyweight pocket T-shirt

This is a special special order model of “SHIPS any” released by the select store “SHIPS” as a new brand in 2019 and “LOS ANGELES APPAREL” which is handled by Dub Charney who was the CEO of the former American Apparel. This heavyweight T-shirt has a US-inspired big and wide silhouette, but this model has a shorter length to make it easier for Japanese people to wear. The post-dyeing process in Japan gives this item a natural and uneven look. The W name on the tag gives it a premium look.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (9): “GoodWear 10oz American-made short-sleeved pullover sweatshirt

GoodWear” was established in 1983 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. The American-made 7.2-ounce heavyweight cotton is the standard item, but a 10-ounce item that surpasses it is now available. As the model name suggests, this model is characterized by a texture not often seen elsewhere, as if it were a short-sleeved sweatshirt. It is made of USA cotton, which is used only for cotton products that have passed strict standards, and its appeal lies in its dry comfort and toughness that does not get saggy even after repeated wear. With the firm stitching found on sweatshirts, this piece has a casual atmosphere.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (10): ONEITA “Heavyweight 10oz T-shirt

ONEITA” was born in New York State as “ONEITA KNITTING MILLS” in 1893, and has functionality and design as workwear, and has long been loved by workers. The heavyweight T introduced here is a 10-ounce piece that boasts twice the thickness of ONEITA’s standard items. The fabric is pre-treated with a special solvent, and then pigmented with pigment to give it a faded vintage look. The brand’s visname is attached to the chest pocket, and the side slits add a fashionable, loose-fitting look.

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Recommended heavyweight T-shirt model (11): LIFEMAX “Super Heavyweight 10.2 oz.

The 10.2-ounce super heavyweight T-shirt, the thickest among the T-shirts introduced here, is a model from ” LIFEMAX,” a long-established uniform manufacturer. Two thick yarns are knitted together to create a fabric with firmness and wrinkle resistance. The thick ribbed design around the neck and double stitches are a nice feature that prevents sagging even after repeated washing. The item is made in a slightly large size for a modern look and feel, and the fabric is washed to make it comfortable against the skin despite its thickness.

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