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Alexander McQueen Sneakers Codes & Featured Models!


Alexander McQueen Sneakers Codes & Featured Models!

Alexander McQueen’s shoe collection, led by the thick-soled, oversized sneakers introduced for spring/summer 2015, has attracted a lot of attention. While looking luxurious and stylish, the thick sole design offers a natural styling effect.

What sneakers are you aiming for at Alexander McQueen?First, we introduce three notable men's models!

Alexander McQueen's popular sneakers (1)This is the brand's classic! Oversized sneakers

Since their release in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Alexander McQueen’s popular sneakers have been a staple of the brand. The “Oversized Sneaker” has gained high popularity among both men and women since its introduction in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. As the name implies, the oversized sneaker is characterized by its 4.5cm thick sole, which is so oversized that it protrudes from the upper. The simple look of the calfskin upper combined with a rubber sole creates an impression of luxury and sophistication from the feet up. Depending on the season, the brand also offers a variety of variations with different tastes, such as models with transparent soles or models with a strong presence that feature crystals all over the upper. These sneakers have a sense of luxury that sets them apart from major sports manufacturers, and are highly recommended for those who want sneakers with a simple design that are easy to use on a daily basis.

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Editor Tachibana
The Oversized Sneaker feels pleasantly larger than the Vans Old Skool and NIKE Air Force 1 sneakers. At the beginning, they have a stiffness reminiscent of leather shoes with leather soles, which may be the reason why they feel larger, as it is difficult for the heel to follow the shoe. When choosing, it is recommended to go down 0.5cm~1cm in size from usual. If you purchase from the official online store, you can exchange sizes within 30 days from the date of delivery, and you can also return them within 14 days including the date of delivery*.

*As of March 2024

Alexander McQueen's most popular sneakers (2)The Sprint Runner, with its eye-catching shaped runner sole

If you prefer a slightly sportier look than oversized sneakers, The “Sprint Runner,” released in 2022, is a good choice. The tread is shaped for fit and functionality, and the heel features a wrap-around design similar to that found on driving shoes. The embossed sticker logo on the side adds a luxurious touch.

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Editor Tachibana
I think you should have no problem choosing the size of these sneakers with the same sensibilities as the sneakers you always buy. If you consider oversized sneakers to be the standard, we recommend going up one size.

Alexander McQueen's popular sneakers (3)Treadslick

First unveiled at the Spring/Summer 2020 pre-collection was the successor to the then popular tread boot, the ” Tread Slick. It is a lace-up shoe made of canvas and features a thick oversized rubber tread sole. The brand’s logo is applied in the same color on the rubber sides that surround the upper edge. The heel is set with a tape ribbon with branding for easy on/off. The sneakers are finished with a different appeal from leather uppers.

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Editor Tachibana
Alexander McQueen has a long history of collaborating with ” PUMA ” for sneakers since 2006. I don’t know if they are taking advantage of the know-how they have accumulated there, but many people around me say that the sneakers developed by Alexander McQueen are easier to wear than models developed by other luxury brands.

Fashionistas, including Asap Rocky, also love Alexander McQueen sneakers!

The minimalistic yet dynamic pair with attention to detail fits easily into both classic outfits and street coordinates. When the oversized sneakers were first released, the world-renowned rapper and fashion icon, Asap Rocky, was also a fan of McQueen’s sneakers. Not only the presence of the design, but also the versatility of the sneakers, which can be easily matched to various outfits, is one of the reasons why they have remained popular since their release.

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Next up is a hot men’s coordinate featuring Alexander McQueen sneakers!

5 hot international men's outfitsThis is how to wear Alexander McQueen sneakers!

From here, we will introduce 5 selected outfits of Alexander McQueen sneaker wearers from among the snaps taken by the OTOKOMAE editorial department!

Alexander McQueen sneaker coordinate ①Great with smart ankle pants! To elevate your urban casual look

Alexander McQueen’s sneakers, with their sophisticated design combining a high-quality leather upper and a thick sole, go perfectly with ankle-length ankle pants that give a smart impression. They go perfectly with ankle-length ankle pants, which give a smart impression. Match them with slacks as if they were leather shoes and you have a smart casual style for adults.

Alexander McQueen's Sneaker Codes (2)

The G-jean is a classic men’s outerwear that raises the bar on masculine style. While it can create a unique atmosphere not found in other outerwear, depending on how you wear it, it can end up looking like work clothes. For a sophisticated urban look, we recommend adding a pair of luxurious Alexander McQueen white sneakers, as shown here, for a clean look.

Alexander McQueen sneaker coordinate (3)Add a subtle sense of fun by adding a splash of color with the heel patch

The monotone coordinate is a staple for all seasons. If you feel that it is too monochrome and a bit bland, why not try subtly introducing a hint of color on your feet as shown in this snapshot? Alexander McQueen’s sneakers come in a wide variety of colors, including seasonal models with gimmicky twists, as well as white sneakers with only the heel patch in color. You can also enjoy wearing the first pair in a standard monotone color and the second pair in a subtly colored model to expand your outfit.

Alexander McCune's sneakers (4)Sneakers for a modern, casual look

From coats to pants, pick up coordinates that express a modern “casual look” with a silhouette that feels a little more relaxed than a true-to-size fit. From the coat to the pants, the silhouettes are a little more relaxed than the “just right” size. The wide range of styles that can be worn with these sneakers is one of the charms of Alexander McQueen’s sneakers.

Alexander McQueen's Sneaker Coordinate (5)

Alexander McQueen’s men’s collections to date have been characterized by their unique cutting based on tailoring wear and original style proposals that incorporate flowers, skulls, and traditional British patterns. The collection is characterized by its originality and style proposals that incorporate flowers, skulls, and traditional British patterns. It would be a good idea to match Alexander McQueen sneakers with the “dress wear x pattern use” styling that is conscious of the brand’s world view. In this snapshot, a knit hat with an eye-catching diamond-shaped knitting pattern and a monotone-based stole with an all-over pattern are used to express individuality in a beautiful coordinate centered on a stainless-steel collared coat with hand stitching that shows advanced tailoring techniques and black slacks. The technique of accentuating the coat’s presence by styling it mainly in black is also a good reference.

See a snapshot of Alexander McQueen’s sneaker-wearing car!

We also introduce snaps of other Alexander McQueen wearers at a glance! Find the coordinates you want to refer to and choose the Alexander McQueen sneakers that are closest to your ideal.

Editor Tachibana
The Alexander McQueen sneakers, including the oversized sneakers introduced here, were created during Sarah Burton’s tenure as creative director. She stepped down after the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, and Sean McGuire became the new Creative Director starting with the Fall/Winter 2024 collection. There are rumors among fans that the sneaker designs will be redesigned due to the change of Creative Director. It is rumored that the sneakers will be redesigned due to the change of the creative director. It is unknown if the sneakers will no longer be sold, but now is the perfect time to make sure you get them officially. If you are interested in a particular model, we recommend you to secure it as soon as possible!

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