The Chicest Way to Wear a Gray Suit [2023 Newest].


The Chicest Way to Wear a Gray Suit [2023 Newest].

Gray suits emit a sophisticated urban flavor and transmit an image of intellectual smartness. It boasts a high level of versatility that allows it to be used for a variety of scenes and occasions. From a cool light gray to a deep, chic charcoal gray, it brings a variety of impressions and a sense of stylishness to your styling, depending on the tone. In this issue, we focus on the ” gray suit ” and pick up recommended items for a modern adult look!

What are the key points in wearing a gray suit?

Points on how to wear a gray suit (1) “Impression changes with tone!

The word “gray” has a wide range of tones, from light gray to almost black, and the impression varies greatly depending on the choice. We would like to start with orthodox suits in medium gray to charcoal gray, and gradually move on to cooler light grays and tinted grays.

Wearing a gray suit Point 2: “Striped suits are a strategic choice.”

In addition to the “type” of stripes, such as “pinstripe,” “chalk stripe,” and “shadow stripe,” the “width” of the stripes should also be considered. For businesspeople, it is also useful to consider the “width” of the stripes from a strategic point of view, such as “pinstripe suits with wide intervals for a powerful and dignified look,” or “shadow stripes for a more subdued impression.

You want to choose a gray suit that suits your style by paying attention to the weave of the color, the width of the stripes, and the type of pattern.

Find a gray suit

Gray suit dressing point 3: “Gray suit and black leather shoes are a royal combination!

Although black or brown leather shoes can be worn with both “navy suits” and “gray suits” without any discomfort, what is the royal combination? If you ask me, “Brown leather shoes with a navy suit” and “Black leather shoes with a gray suit” are the basic combination. If you are looking for leather shoes to match the feet of a gray suit, we recommend that you start with black shoes.

If you want to efficiently check out gray suit outfits, use OTOKOMAE’s snap page!

If you are looking for a model gray suit, we recommend you to use OTOKOMAE’s “Snapshot” page. You can easily check out the snaps that suit the season. If you register as a member, you can also save your favorite snaps.

Next, we will introduce an outfit using a gray suit, which has been the focus of much attention among the snaps.


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