Step Up Your Style Game with New Balance 574: Exploring Its Popularity, Design Differences, and Coordination Tips


Step Up Your Style Game with New Balance 574: Exploring Its Popularity, Design Differences, and Coordination Tips

Among New Balance’s many models, the “574” is one of the most popular sneakers among a wide range of people. The rounded silhouette and ENCAP midsole provide the comfort that is typical of New Balance. In this issue, we focus on the New Balance “574” and introduce its charms!

New Balance, a sneaker brand that began as orthopedic shoes

New Balance is a long-established shoe manufacturer founded in 1906 in Boston, USA. In its early years, the company manufactured arch support insoles and orthopedic shoes for flat feet. The brand name is derived from the concept of “bringing a new sense of balance to the wearer. Since the 1960s, when the company began manufacturing running shoes, it has released a number of masterpieces in pursuit of better fit. Today, the brand offers a wide range of items from running shoes to high-tech sneakers, and is loved by people all over the world.

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New Balance’s everlasting standard “574

The 574 is a product that boasts strong popularity as a standard model among New Balance sneakers. Launched as a shoe for trail running, it has a highly cushioned midsole for running even on mountain paths and an outsole with excellent grip. In terms of design, it features mesh and suede uppers, the deca-N logo, and other details that symbolized New Balance in the early 90s. The shoes are sold at a more affordable price than other series, and continue to be supported by many people of all ages.

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The ” 574 ” is held up as a symbolic model of New Balance’s commitment to sustainability

The “574” is currently being pushed out with the striking tagline “The greenest gray ever. Before looking at the description, one might mistake the shoe for a greenish gray, but the “green” refers to an environmental issue, not a color. New Balance has published a sustainability agreement called the ” Green Leaf Standard,” and the 574s that meet this standard are in the spotlight. Specifically, the upper is made of at least 50% recycled material and the outsole is made of 5% recycled material. The leathers used meet the criteria by using leathers that support more responsible manufacturing through the Leather Working Group. (For more information on New Balance’s Green Leaf standards, see here.
The 574 is attracting attention as a sustainable model, and even the official e-commerce site is putting a lot of effort into featuring it. A list of applicable models is also available on the site.

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Just like the 574! What is the difference between the New Balance “576” and the 574?

New Balance’s off-road line, the 500 series. Do you know that there is a model among them that is very similar to the 574? It is the “576. The 574 is a lower-priced version of the 576, and the similarity in design is due to this background. Most of them are made in England. The most distinctive feature of the 576 is its classy and elegant construction, including the uppers made of high-quality leather. In contrast, the reasonably priced 574 has a casual and pop character, which distinguishes it from the 576.

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