What are the six attractions of the New Balance “990,” which continues the pursuit of supreme comfort?


What are the six attractions of the New Balance "990," which continues the pursuit of supreme comfort?

The New Balance “990” series has been a favorite of sneaker fans for 12 generations of updates since the first model. The thick sole not only matches the trend, but also provides superb comfort that is unmatched by other sneakers. In this issue, we introduce the charm of the 990 series, with a focus on the latest model, the 990v4!

The brand “new balance” continues to be supported by high-quality sneaker manufacturing

The roots of the comfort of the shoes are ” orthopedic shoes”.

New Balance was founded in 1906 in Boston on the East Coast of the United States. William J. Riley, a British immigrant who was 33 years old at the time, founded the company as the world’s first manufacturer of arch support insoles. Inspired by the three-point support of a chicken’s claw, New Balance manufactured high-quality insoles. The company also started manufacturing orthopedic shoes using this technology.

New Balance’s orthopedic shoes, based on a deep understanding of foot anatomy, orthopedics, and exercise physiology, were highly acclaimed. Based on this expertise, the company began manufacturing custom-made running shoes in the 1960s. In 1972, James S. Davis, the current president of New Balance, acquired the company, which at the time had six employees and a daily production capacity of 36 pairs. He personally participates in research and development to create the ideal shoe, and establishes the revolutionary shoe concept of “Instep Lacing.

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Running shoes at the time were laced from the toes to hold the shoe in place, but Instep Lacing was designed to tie around the instep. This design improved the hold of the heel and ankles, and gained tremendous support from runners. From this point on, the current structure of New Balance was established, actively introducing the latest technology while inheriting traditional techniques.

New Balance is a one-of-a-kind, artisanal sneaker manufacturer

New Balance is a rare brand that is always aware of the pride and commitment of its shoemakers. While other companies in the same industry have outsourced their manufacturing to China, Vietnam, and other countries, New Balance, with the exception of inexpensive models, continues to use the U.S. and Europe as its main manufacturing bases. The “990” series, the company’s flagship running shoes, are all made in the United States. The “1300” was introduced in 1985, and Ralph Lauren famously praised the shoe when he wore it, saying, “It’s like walking on clouds.

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