How to Wear a Navy Suit in Style [ 2021 Newest ].


How to Wear a Navy Suit in Style [ 2021 Newest ].

It is no exaggeration to say that the navy suit is a staple of dress wear and the battle uniform of men at the forefront of business. It has a fearless mood in its noble color, and its versatility in both on- and off-duty use creates a dignified styling that will not betray your expectations. The term “navy suit” cannot be used in a vacuum, as it encompasses a wide range of styles, from businesslike and conservative styles to off-duty styles with a touch of fun. In this issue, we focus on “navy suits” and pick up the most notable coordinates!

Navy is the ironclad color of men’s suits! What is its impression?

The navy suit, with its fearless fearlessness in a noble color, is a representative of men’s suits along with the gray suit. The dignified appearance of the navy suit, derived from naval uniforms, creates a dignified and sophisticated mood, while at the same time giving the impression of intelligence, sincerity, and cleanliness, and rarely gives off a bad image to those around you. However, if one were to venture to point out a demerit, it would be that the difference in the choice of items and the way of dressing can greatly affect the impression, and the difference between safe styling and stylish styling can be noticeable.

Why navy suits are the steel plate for men

The current navy suit has its roots in the dark blue military uniform of the Royal Navy (ROYAL NAVY), which was adopted as the official uniform for officers in 1748. In the 18th century, the Royal Navy was the largest and strongest navy in the world, controlling the seven seas. The navy blue of the uniforms of the advancing Royal Navy spread throughout the world as the color of victory, and navies of other countries adopted navy blue uniforms in imitation of the Royal Navy, thus establishing the image of navy as a uniform. In addition to this military background and the special connotations of the color, navy suits have a wide range of uses, including formal, business, and casual wear, and can be worn in almost any situation in all seasons, making navy suits the “steel plate” of men’s uniforms. It is therefore called the “steel plate” of men’s suits, and along with the gray suit, has become synonymous with business suits.

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What are the three tips for refining the look of a navy suit?

Tips for Wearing a Navy Suit (1) “A tight-fitting navy suit accentuates a sharp, lean silhouette.

Choosing a navy suit that fits snugly and without any bulk is the first step to making your outfit look stylish and smart. A tight-fitting suit that picks up the lines of your body will look too tight and put a lot of stress on the fabric, causing it to stick unnaturally and wrinkle. To accentuate the dignity, sophistication, intellectual mood, and cleanliness that are the hallmarks of a navy suit, a fit that gently hugs the body is indispensable.

Tips for wearing a navy suit (2) “Stoically combine three of the following colors: navy, white, black and gray.

Stoic styling is the orthodox style for navy suits, which originated from navy uniforms. The simple color coordination of navy, white, black, and gray is the way to go. Of course, warm colors such as brown, yellow, burgundy, and pink are always a good idea to add a touch of color, but limiting the number of colors and controlling the colorful atmosphere will bring elegance and a sense of finesse to the navy suit. If you want to accentuate the suit with warm-colored items, use similar colors, such as yellow and brown, as shown in this snapshot, which will blend well with the suit.

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Tips for wearing navy suits (3) “Match black straight tips for dress, navy sneakers for casual wear, and classic white sneakers for a more casual look.

The rule for gentlemen is to wear black straight tips when wearing navy suits on formal occasions. In business situations, brown leather shoes are a strong choice, but in situations with a strict dress code, black straight tips are appropriate for navy suits. Of course, even in casual situations, it is tactless to use shoes as a gimmick for extreme outfits or fun. For a sporty look that blends in with the image of the navy suit, pair with navy sneakers made of leather in the same color, or pair with simple low-cut white sneakers for a more casual look.

Here are some styling examples with navy suits!


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