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Cargo Pants Codes for Men! History, latest outfits, and recommended items you may be interested in.


Cargo Pants Codes for Men! History, latest outfits, and recommended items you may be interested in.

Cargo pants,” characterized by large side pockets, are a staple of rugged bottoms and are also attracting attention as one of the items that fit the trendy style in recent men’s fashion. In this issue, we will introduce some notable wearing styles and recommended items under the theme of “cargo pants.

Cargo pants are functional bottoms that were born for work use!

Cargo pants are work pants that came to be used by cargo ship workers. They are made of thick, sturdy cotton fabric and feature large cargo pockets sewn on both sides of the outer thighs for easy access when bending over. They are sometimes called “six-pocket pants” because the basic shape of these pants has six pockets: two hip pockets, two back pockets, and two cargo pockets.

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The most popular materials are twill weave and ripstop, the same as chinos. Today, cargo pants are also available in materials such as wool and corduroy for a more elegant look. Cargo pants with a center crease in slacks are collectively called “dress cargo,” a new category that has gained popularity in recent years. Since the origin of these pants was work wear, many of them have a loose silhouette that emphasizes ease of movement. Recently, however, jogger-type cargo pants with ribbed hems and tapered silhouettes with more body are also prominent.

Cargo pants adopted as “military wear” by the armies of various countries

Cargo pants were originally created as work pants for dockworkers, but their high functionality led to their detailed adoption as uniforms by the armed forces of various countries around the time of the Pacific War. 1942 saw the birth of the “M-42 Paratrooper Pants” in the United States as military pants. In 1942, the “M-42 Paratrooper Pants” were born in the United States as military pants, and since then, various types of military cargo pants have appeared in Italy, Germany, and other countries, including the “M-47” of the French Army, and military wear freaks have their own fans for each country and each period. This led to the emergence of cargo pants. This led to the spread of cargo pants among the civilian population, and a common perception of “cargo pants = military pants” has emerged.

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