Asics Gel Cayano 14 is becoming increasingly popular among fashionable men!


Asics Gel Cayano 14 is becoming increasingly popular among fashionable men!

ASICS has established a firm position in the fashion scene with its famous “GEL-LYTE III,” but recently the company’s presence has been growing even more. Among the “GEL-KAYANO” series, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023, the popularity of the “GEL-KAYANO 14,” with its trend-setting, futuristic design and collaboration with famous fashion brands, is rapidly increasing.

What is the ASICS “Gel-Kayano 14”?

The “Gel-Kayano” is a line of ASICS running shoes introduced in 1993. The name “Gel-Kayano” comes from the “Gel” in the GEL technology in the midsole and the “Kayano” of the Gel-Kayano’s creator, Shunichi Kayano (榧野 俊一), who is also known as Kayano Toshikazu. As of September 2023, a total of 30 models have been released, of which the 14th model, “Gel Kayano,” has attracted particular attention in the fashion scene. The Gel-Kayano 14, the 14th in the series, was released as a running shoe in 2008 and won the ” Runner’s World ” International Editor’s Choice Award in the same year for the most outstanding shoe released that year. In 2020, the shoe was reissued, updated for the modern lifestyle, while retaining the taste and details of the 2008 model.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 “White Midnight”

Popular among fashionistas for its excellent compatibility with street-style styling.

The collaboration with JJJound and KITH was also a hot topic. The brand has been worn by fashion-conscious foreigners in Tokyo as well as at Pitti Womo and Milan Fashion Week.

Editor Mitsui
When I see stylish people from abroad wearing ASICS, I feel very proud as a Japanese. By the way, I feel that not many people are wearing the famous “GEL-LYTE III” shoes that represent the brand these days. GEL-KAYANO 14 “, ” GEL-1130 “, ” GEL-Nimbus and ” GEL-QUANTUM 360,” all of which have volume that can be easily adapted to trendy styles. “GEL-KAYANO 14” goes well with thicker pants. I would like them to be worn with a balance of slightly sagging hems to enjoy a sense of modern street style. If we talk about brands, loose-fitting items such as Balenciaga, Acne Studios, and Jil Sander go well with it.

The appeal of the ASICS Gel Cayano 14: “A futuristic design inspired by a flash of light.”

The Gelcayano 14 was first designed by Hidenori Yamashita, who took over the baton from Shunichi Kayano, who had previously worked on the Gelcayano series. The design of the Gel-Kayano 14 is the first under the baton of Hidenori Yamashita, who had been involved in the Gel-Kayano series until then. The design of the Gel-Kayano 14 reflects a series of “flashes” that runners repeatedly go through, landing on their heels and kicking off with their toes. The voluminous silhouette created by using the appropriate materials for each part of the shoe, and the upper that combines retro and futuristic designs from the 2000s, are perfect for adding the essence of the Y2K trend. The result is a pair that looks great with the latest street coordinates.


Editor Mitsui
I have the impression that rather than Japan, overseas fashionistas, especially European women, were quick to take notice of the high design quality of Gelcayano 14. I was impressed by the insta-posts of women wearing them with slightly loose sweatshirt top and bottom setups, or with plain T-shirts and thick slacks.

The appeal of Asics Gel Cayano 14 ➁ “Willing to release collaborative products with promising designers and brands.

After his first collaboration with ASICS in 2018, the Gelkayano 14 is the first curatorial work of the up-and-coming Bulgarian designer Kiko Kostadinov, who is currently participating in its development as a curator. His ” UB1-S Gelkayano 14 ” was a hot item that attracted sneaker freaks with its sensual colorblocking and patent changes in addition to the original materials. In addition, the brand has released collaborations with other popular brands such as Justin Sanders’ “JJJJound,” a project of Kanye West’s creative agency, and KITH, a sneaker boutique in New York City, which sold out immediately. There is no shortage of buzz.

ASICS x Kith GEL-KAYANO 14 “Cream/Scarab”

Editor Mitsui
The collaboration model with KITH is pre-priced and expensive, but the release of this model with similar color variations inline was a hot topic. For me personally, I rather prefer the inline coloring. If you are interested, please check it out.

The appeal of the ASICS Gel Kayano 14 (3) “The functional beauty of the GEL structure, which also influenced its successor models.

The midsole is equipped with GEL technology, a shock-absorbing material function that is representative of the GEL Cayano series. ASICS was the first company to adopt “shear deformation (the force and shape generated by shifting objects)” in its GEL technology, dramatically improving cushioning properties compared to previous models. The GEL Cayano series retains its signature features and structure, including a significant influence on subsequent ASICS cushioning technology.

Gel-Kayano 14 “Leprechaun”

Editor Mitsui
The appeal of GEL is not only its functionality, but also its cool appearance. The coloring is good, so models with vivid shades like the one above are also nice.

Attraction of the ASICS GEL Kayano 14 (4) “Updated with materials and fit that are easy for town use.

While based on the 2008 model, the Gel Cayano 14 has been updated with a softer fit and materials for the upper that make it easier to use around town, which is another reason for its popularity. The upper is made of a coarse mesh that is soft and breathable, providing a light and comfortable fit that prevents stuffiness. The upper design is not only mesh, but also incorporates other materials to create a complex and stylish upper design with a sense of depth. The highly cushioned GEL construction and well-fitting upper combine to provide good comfort.

Gel Kayano 14

Editor Mitsui
ASICS offers a line of shoes for running and other competitive activities and a line of sneakers for fashion, the latter of which is classified as ASICS SPORTS STYLE. This category also includes retro-classic sneakers such as the GEL-PTG and TIGER RUNNER, which are worth checking out even if you are not a fan of high-tech designs such as the GEL-Kayano. The lineup is not only comfortable, but also fashionable, and is “as expected from ASICS! It is a lineup like “ASICS!

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