Coach Your Style: Discover the Hottest Men’s Coach Jackets Recommended by Our Editorial Team


Coach Your Style: Discover the Hottest Men's Coach Jackets Recommended by Our Editorial Team

Coach jackets have become a fashion item after being worn by hip-hop artists such as N.W.A. and Public Enemy. They are thin, lightweight, and can be easily thrown on, and are sure to be useful for off-season wear, as they go well with all kinds of casual wear. In this issue, we focus on such “coach jackets” and pick up the hottest items recommended by the OTOKOMAE editorial department!

Coach jackets are the classic naughty outerwear that can create an American casual and side-splitting style at the same time

Coach jackets are one of the outerwear items that symbolize American casual fashion. It was born in the U.S. and was worn as a uniform by a wide range of people, including students, sports spectators, and outdoor workers, etc. From the late 80’s to the 90’s, it was used by hip-hop groups such as “N.W.A.” and “Public Enemy” and became a fashion item. It became a fashion item and gained citizenship. Since then, they have become popular as street wear, and their popularity has recently been rekindled due to the 80’s and 90’s revival trends. Currently, not only streetwear brands but also every brand, from maisons to private labels of select stores, are developing this item, and it seems to have become established as a standard men’s wear.

Find a Coach Jacket

The main materials used are polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fibers, which excel in wind and water resistance and are light and comfortable to wear. In many cases, functional designs with a single-piece collar, elastic cuffs, and drawcords at the hem are adopted to improve wind-blocking properties. Some of them have dotted buttons or zippers at the pocket openings to enhance the functionality. Basically, coach jackets are light outerwear for spring and fall, but models with a flannel or fleece lining and excellent cold-weather protection are also available in fall and winter. Incidentally, the term “coach jacket” is a Japanese word, and it is a common theory that the term came to be used in reference to the summers worn by coaches in competitive sports in the United States. In English-speaking countries, it is basically called a windbreaker.

How to wear a coach jacket? Three stylish men’s coordination techniques

Coach jacket coordinate (1): “Wear all black and give off a mode atmosphere.

We caught men who were wearing black in every detail, including the coach jacket, jeans, sneakers, socks, and watch face. While all-black may give the impression of being flat, the glossy coach jacket gives the look a change.

Coach jacket coordinate 2: “Select a coach jacket with a large collar to create a sense of presence.

Premium items such as Balenciaga caps and The Ten’s AJ1 catch the eye, but the coach jacket, the star of the outfit, has the greatest presence. With a large collar, which is rare for a coach jacket, and a white body, this jacket is sure to stand out from the crowd. The coach jacket’s unique twist is balanced out by the simple choice of innerwear and bottoms.

Coach jacket coordinate (3) “A simple-looking coach jacket for high-impact bottoms

It is a common sense of fashion to choose a simple item for the top to neutralize the strong bottom. It is also important to unify the taste of the coordination. Here is a perfect example of coordination that keeps these two points in mind. The way in which the street taste is integrated into the overall look while skillfully neutralizing the flashy patterned pants is superb.

Next, let us introduce you to the hottest coach jackets recommended by our editorial department!

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