Why is A.P.C. denim so popular? Complete explanation of features, standard models, and even how to wash them!


Why is A.P.C. denim so popular? Complete explanation of features, standard models, and even how to wash them!

A.P.C.” is popular for its basic French chic design and beautiful silhouettes. While based on simplicity, the brand continues to evolve in line with the trends of the times. This time, we focus on the popular “denim” from A.P.C.’s wide range of lineup, which is full of attention to detail. From the characteristics that make A.P.C. so popular among denim freaks to how to wash denim after purchase and popular standard models, we will provide a thorough explanation!

A.P.C.”, a brand synonymous with simple French casual

A.P.C.” was established in Paris, France in 1987. The brand specializes in simple items that reflect a beautiful silhouette in basic French casual wear. The brand name is an acronym for “Atelier de Production et de Creation,” which stands for “Atelier of Production and Creation,” as the brand does not want the designer’s name to be associated with the design of its clothes.

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The founder is Jean Touitou, who has roots in Tunisia. After returning to Paris in 1977, he gained experience at “KENZO” and “agnes b.” and established “IRIE” with his colleague at the time, Sueo Irie. He left IRIE after that. After that, he left IRIE and established his own brand, A.P.C. He began to make use of his past experience to create items that add functionality to a simple, lean design and make the wearer look attractive. The brand is attracting attention as a global brand supported by both men’s and women’s wear.

Why is A.P.C.’s denim so popular?

A.P.C. offers a wide range of products from apparel to accessories. A.P.C.’s denim was born when Jean Tuitou lost his favorite denim on a trip to Barcelona, Spain, before the brand was established, due to lost baggage. The brand was born when Jean Tuitou lost his favorite denim on a trip to Barcelona, Spain due to lost baggage. He decided to “make denim that I would like to wear,” and A.P.C. began to offer denim. A.P.C. denim has the same appeal as American brands, the birthplace of jeans, and continues to be loved by denim lovers. Here we introduce the characteristics of A.P.C. denim that make people fall in love with it!

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Reasons why A.P.C. denim is so popular (1) “Simple, neutral design with no embellishments.

A.P.C. denim is characterized by its simple design that omits any decoration, and is clean without any logo design that would be the face of the brand or any design that would be recognizable as A.P.C. at a glance. The brand omits patches on the hips and stitching on the back pockets, which are common in many jeans makers, to create a clean design. The modern silhouette with beautiful lines creates a neutral design that can be worn by both men and women. Buttons and rivets are unified in silver color, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. This item is perfect for those who want to incorporate denim with a beautiful impression.

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Reason why A.P.C.’s denim is popular (2) “High-quality denim fabric made in Japan that has been carefully selected and focused on”.

A.P.C., which has insisted on denim fabrics being made in Japan since the birth of its first model, uses an original fabric produced together with ” Kaihara, ” which is highly renowned worldwide as a manufacturer of denim fabrics. This fabric is said to be manufactured on a loom with a long history of producing old Levis. The outside of the fabric has a firmness, while the inside is soft and comfortable to the touch. Its texture is sometimes described as “like French bread. Another feature of A.P.C. denim is that it maintains its beautiful lines even after washing, as it is processed at the fabric stage before sewing to prevent the silhouette from collapsing.

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The reason why A.P.C. denim is popular (3) “”Denim that grows as you wear it

The denim is dyed repeatedly in indigo by skilled craftsmen, which allows the denim to change over time, which is another appeal of A.P.C. denim. The warp of the fabric is made of a high-grade cotton yarn called mother cotton, and the raw color of mother cotton is revealed by friction when worn, giving it a unique texture that is different from other denim. The material has a sense of firmness, so it feels stiff when you first insert the legs, but the more you wear it, the more it fits your legs. The more you wear it, the more you can feel the goodness of this attractive denim.

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Reason for the popularity of A.P.C. denim (4): “A wide range of colors and sizes to help you find a pair that matches and fits you.

A.P.C. denim is characterized by a wide range of sizes and color variations. The unisex models come in a wide range of sizes, from 24 to 36 inches, and the women’s models from 24 to 28 inches, making it easy to find a pair that fits your body shape. The color lineup is also abundant, and includes deep indigo blue, washed denim stone, and denim delavè stretch with a vintage-like texture, each with a different look and feel. The same model in a different color will give you a different feel, making it an attractive denim collection that will make you want to buy different colors.

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