What is the appeal of Levi’s “517” bootcut jeans?


What is the appeal of Levi's "517" bootcut jeans?

Riding the 90’s revival and Y2K trends, the silhouette of pants has also changed to wider. Among these, the “boot cut” with an exquisite flare toward the hem has become a particularly popular style. This time, we focus on the “517,” which is enjoying a resurgence in popularity from “Levi’s,” which is known as the creator of jeans and handles jeans in a variety of silhouettes. The features of “517,” which is said to be the world’s first boot cut model, and recommended models are introduced!

The history of “Levi’s,” a jeans brand that has reigned at the top position from its establishment to the present

Levi’s” known as a pioneer in the jeans world and the father of jeans comes to most people’s mind when they hear the word “jeans brand. Levi’s founder Levi Strauss, who came to San Francisco from Germany as an immigrant in 1853, ran a general merchandise store, the predecessor of Levi’s, and developed canvas work pants for working miners. The early pants were not durable enough, and after some trial and error, he received advice from tailor Jacob Davis that he should reinforce the pockets with rivets, which he reflected in the work pants. This was the moment when the jeans were born, and they were later named ” 501 ” through the adoption of lot numbers. Today, the company offers a wide range of models, including the classic ” 501,” which can be easily adapted to modern fashions. The brand is supported by a wide range of people, from jeans freaks to fashionable people with high sensitivity.

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The world’s first boot-cut jeans! Levi’s “517

The “517,” the subject of this issue, is a popular silhouette that ranks alongside Levi’s most popular models, the “501” and the “505,” which features a highly fashionable tapered silhouette. The “517” was the world’s first boot-cut jean, introduced in 1971. Characterized by a flared silhouette with tight knees and a flared hem, they were a staple item in the hippie culture from the 1970s onward, and remained in vogue until the 2000s. Later, smart silhouettes such as tapered and skinny jeans became the trend, but they are now enjoying a resurgence in popularity, riding the recent revival of the 90’s, Y2K, hippie, vintage clothing, and other retro booms.

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What is a “bootcut” anyway? Differences from flared pants and bell-bottoms

The “bootcut” silhouette is one that we now hear about as a matter of course, but let’s review what it is in the first place. Bootcut refers to a pant silhouette that widens toward the hem. Although it is now a familiar fashion item, the boot cut originally started as a design with a wider hem to make it easier to wear with the long cowboy boots worn by cowboys. You may hear other names for wide-hemmed pants, such as “flared pants” and “bell-bottoms,” but “flared pants” is a general term for pants with a wide hem, while “bell-bottoms” refers to a silhouette with a wider hem than the bootcut, such as Levi’s 646. Boot-cut pants, which have a more gently spread hem than bell-bottom pants, are easy to use in everyday life, and their versatility, which allows them to be worn with a variety of outfits while enhancing their fashion appeal.

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What are the features of Levi’s ” 517″?

From here, we will explain the features of Levi’s ” 517,” which is known as the originator of bootcut jeans. What kind of charm is hidden in these jeans that can elevate your coordinate just by wearing them?

Characteristic of Levi’s “517” (1) “Flared silhouette that enhances style

The most distinctive feature of the “517” is its flared silhouette. This detailing, which focuses on the degree of tucking from the inseam to the knees, the exquisite line that widens toward the hem, and the width of the hem, greatly contributes to making the line of the legs look more flattering. Compared to straight or wide silhouette pants, the hem can be lowered lower on the leg, visually slimming the leg and creating a beautiful leg effect for anyone.

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Feature of Levi’s “517” (2) “High-rise design to make legs look longer

In addition to the beautiful flared silhouette, the “517” has a high rise that helps to enhance the effect of beautiful legs. The waist appears higher, which increases the leg-lengthening effect and makes the legs appear to have more leg area. It also has a high fit and a secure wearing feel. The combination of a flared silhouette and a high rise gives the jeans a beautiful leg and leg-lengthening effect that sets them apart from other jeans.

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Feature of Levi’s “517” (3) ” Zip fly for easy on/off

The “517” is characterized by its zip fly, which is the front opening of the pants. When jeans were first made, there was no such thing as a zip and they were made with buttons, but modern models often use a zip fly. The zip fly gives a modern impression and at the same time has the advantage of being easy to put on and take off. Since the zip fly can be opened and closed with one hand, it is easy to take off and put on, reducing stress in daily use.

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Feature of Levi’s “517” (4) “Reflects Levi’s unique details

The “517” is a fashion-focused model, but it also reflects Levi’s unique details. The rivets in the pockets that led to the creation of jeans, the bow-shaped archway stitching adopted in 1973, the leather patch on the waist that guarantees durability, and many other elements that appeal to the authentic denim. Despite its modern silhouette, the ” 517 ” has all the details that are typical of Levi’s, a long-established jeans manufacturer.

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Choosing the right size to wear Levi’s “517” in a cool way

The most important thing to consider when choosing a size for the “517” is to choose a size that will give you beautiful legs. No matter how beautiful the silhouette of the model is, if the size is chosen incorrectly, the silhouette will collapse and the beautiful lines will be ruined. The waist and thighs are narrower than those of the ” 505,” which uses a standard regular silhouette. If these areas are too snug, the legs will look thicker and shorter, no matter how beautiful the flared silhouette is. If you have larger-than-normal hips, waist, or thighs, it is better to go up one size and wear them more loosely than usual. If there is a little room at the waist, it can be adjusted with a belt. The use of a belt enhances the effect of the high-rise and can be expected to elongate the legs.

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